Historical photos from Antarctica


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  1. niktemadur says:

    Oh yeah, mesmerizing stuff.

    When time abounds, I recommend opening Google Earth and surfing the areas where mountains peek out of the icecap, or going across the coastline.  Just be sure to click on the Panoramio pictures that appear on the screen, try to imagine the people who took those haunting photos of Soviet bases back in the sixties and seventies.

    Then there’s Herzog’s fantastic documentary “Encounters At The End Of The World”.

  2. OgilvyTheAstronomer says:

    I think I see some Shoggoths. 

    • Ultan says:

      Shoggoths are  just the cover story.  The real reason the Navy went down there in force  is the UFO Nazis, everybody knows that. (There may be some UFO Nazi shoggoths, of course.)

      • Propnomicon says:

        You jest, but there are people that think the Nazi’s really did contact an alien presence in Antarctica.  And that Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” was just a fictionalized version of the truth.

        I have a little niche blog about Lovecraftian props and every couple of months I get a whackadoodle email on the subject.

  3. What’s that round shape under the ice?

  4. frozenintime says:

    Been their with Operation Deep Freeze while in the Air Force.  

  5. Guest says:

    Cool photo.

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