"Unseen Titanic" in NatGeo magazine: first ever complete views of wreck


11 Responses to “"Unseen Titanic" in NatGeo magazine: first ever complete views of wreck”

  1. n8laverdure says:

    What was in the three blocks of left-justified text that were photoshopped out of the sonar mosaic?

  2. Darek Kedra says:

    Fungi in salt water? Which species? 

  3. Mr_Smooth says:

    Does a 57-ton boiler weight 57 tons or is that some measure of its output?

  4. slayer1 says:

    Can we please just let the fucking boat rest? Really, who gives a shit. Anybody?

  5. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Never worry, that’ll buff right out.

  6. AA says:

    Quick!!! Someone co-register it at its location on Google Earth (!!!) :-D

  7. MikeRich says:

    The NG cover is a nicely sanitised view of things. The ship breaking in two with its stern high out of the water. All of the hundreds of people still onboard strangely omitted.

  8. Cody Sterzer says:

    I had a childhood obsession with the Titanic. My first real in-depth taste of the material happened when my parents bought me a computer game; “Titanic: Adventure Out of Time”. The game itself was terrifying – you always knew the ship was going to sink. And you were on it, trying to solve mysteries. Just thinking about the atmosphere gives me shivers. 

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