Hark! A Vagrant: the book


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  1. Mordicai says:

    Superbia fantastico.

  2. snowmentality says:

    Seriously, everyone — if you don’t already read “Hark, A Vagrant” you should start now. It’s sort of like XKCD for history and literature. Kate Beaton makes me cry laughing on a regular basis.

    Some of my all-time favorites include:
    Canadian Stereotype Comics (Kate Beaton is Canadian)
    Queen Bess at Tilbury
    Great Gatsbys

    Oh, just go read the whole website. Your life will be better with “Hark, a Vagrant” in it.

    • billstewart says:

      Yup.  You’ll lose a day or so clicking through all the panels, but it will have been worth it.

    • jimh says:

      Complete surrender is the only way; just start at the beginning. You have no idea how funny the Bronte sisters, Chopin and Liszt, Nancy Drew, Andrew Jackson, and a strangely overweight Shetland pony can be.

      And, buy the book! It’s very satisfying to own and display for others.

  3. Labbit says:

    AW YISS!

  4. Niki Horton says:

    Sidenote! Katie Beaton’s Fat Pony was featured in an episode of Adventure Time, ‘cuz all the cool kids hang out together.

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