Fun pencil holder hack for Lego Moleskine


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  1. Michael Pusateri says:

    I didn’t have to pull the ferule off.  I was able to make the hole wide enough to slide the pencil in.  But the pencil interfered with with the Lego fully snapping into place.  So I shaved down the pencil just under a millimeter to let the male side of the Lego fully engage.

  2. goldenearth says:

    Another slightly different idea would be to attach (Super Glue?) single “male” Lego inserts onto the pencil (perhaps 3 or 4) – all the sliding and pencil shaving seems a bit over the top to me. Plus I wonder how the Lego brick will affect the balance of a pencil? Seems like one Lego brick might weigh as much as an entire pencil. Nice mod, anyway!

  3. Adam Coe says:

    if this were any more hipster it would star Michael Cera.

  4. Flashman says:

    And how long is that piece of Lego going to stay attached, jostling around with other books? It’d be bumped off every time you shoved it in your bag… which is also a good place to keep a pencil (don’t these $50 notebooks have a little sleeve for pencils anyway?) If that’s a “great hack” I must be Julian Assange.

  5. puppybeard says:

    Nice notebooks, shame about the price.

    I’ll be the one sellotaping PlayMobil onto a Faber-Castell notebook.

  6. homer2324 says:

    Fitting holder for a blackwing.

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