Pure evil causes birth defects

Unassailable evidence presented by the Institute for Dangerous Research's Department of Mad Biology.

UPDATE: This brilliant poster is the work of Allison Lonsdale. She made it for the 2010 San Diego ConDor. You can get a closer look at the poster and its text on the ConDor site. The photo is the work of Jerry Abuan. Thanks to all the readers who filled in the blanks on this amazing work of wonderous awesomeness!

Via penguinchris.


  1. “I don’t know where penguinchris got this. But it’s amazing.”

    He re-tweeted it via Charlie Stross, I believe

    1. For the record, as with many of the best things on Twitter, I saw it via William Gibson (@GreatDismal:twitter  ) who retweeted it from Charlie Stross who linked to the image. I quote-retweeted it @ Maggie because I knew she’d like it. The “via trail” breaks down quickly on Twitter.

  2. I’m going to use this to teach my grad students how to present their research. The description of the experiment and results is excellent. Wonder if their posters will turn out this wonderful.

    1. Is that where the pure evil and the toaster come from?  I couldn’t quite place it, but I knew it seemed familiar and that it was from something really weird.

        1.  It’s absolutely Time Bandits.  It’s a reference to the scene at the end of the movie:

  3. It’s from Allison Lonsdale, as another poster has pointed out.  She’s also known for her song “LOL Together”, a parody of The Beatles’ “Come Together.” 

  4. but…but… that’s the BLUND bear, a most excellent bear beloved by millions, and most particularly by my daughter… to see him spindled and mutilated and so cruelly displayed, it’s… it’s almost too much. For the love of Jeebus, he’s got his own photostream on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/blundbear/ !

     Not to mention that IKEA stopped selling them and the little beggar will set you back $30.00 on e-bay. Dr. Von Lonsdale has made a serious investment in her research.

  5. This would be a perfect post for the SCP Foundation!

    Now off to lose a few hours of productivity perusing their wiki…

  6. I will find this “Doctor” and I will teach this “Doctor” pain for subjecting innocent teddy bears to medical torture in the name of “science”.
    *goes to find torches and pitchforks*

  7. With Dick Cheney’s recent heart transplant, scientists now have a rich new source of pure evil for future research.

  8. It’s nice to see a big bold copyright notice slapped on the _photograph_ of the poster. Because, y’know, there’s where the creative work went. Whenever I photocopy a book from the library, I make sure to put _my_ copyright notice in the corner too, because that’s my property (the fruits of my labor, after all!) and I want to make sure everyone on the internet knows.

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