Sentry gun controller


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  1. Daniel Smith says:

    Pretty soon anyone will be able to build a fully autonomous combat ready robot in their garage. Why does this not make me feel better?

  2. Mister44 says:

    Cool. I know a few people who made sentry paintball guns. Worked really well too. Right out of Aliens. 

  3. Mark Dow says:

    A bit of Sand Flea recognition software and we’ll be good to go.

    • awjt says:

       Exactly.  I want one of these mounted on a Sand Flea.

      Unsuspecting burgulars standing around on a roof…  then….

      SURPRISE!!!  AR15 SAND FLEA!!!  Brap brbrbrbrbrbrap rap rap!

      Solves that problem.

      • Mark Dow says:

        I will need to update the  software to properly recognize and respond to your AR15 Sand Flea.

        • awjt says:

          My AR15 Sand Flea will shoot your Robo AR15′s bullets, and I will have an extra bullet to finish the job!  then BOINGGGG, back to ground level.

          • Mark Dow says:

            Deploy the quadrotor electronic counter-measure swarm defense system, stat!

          • awjt says:

            My horde of spherical self-propelled neutron-pulse generators will take out your quadrotor electronics, as the sand fleas leap to a safe distance.


    So does this mean an actual Gun gun or a Nerf gun, or a Super Soaker or a laser tag gun or a paintball gun?  Because if people are automating real firearms I need to buy a small valley somewhere – nowhere if possible – and dig a hole in it to live in.

  5. ComradeQuestions says:

    now anyong can build a gun that


  6. IronEdithKidd says:

    You could have your own Half Life LARP with a few more of these. 

  7. Stefan Jones says:

    That high-pitched humming you hear is Isaac Asimov spinning in his grave.

    (People pointing out that Asimov was cremated will be sent to the sentry bot testing arena.)

  8. Bodhipaksa says:

    Can track hoodies and skittles.

  9. baronkarza says:

    Why not just nuke the place from orbit — only way to make sure, right?

  10. Gtmac says:

    What happened to the guy who bought the Segway company again?

  11. abstract_reg says:

    Can you give it a voice that sounds adorable, saying “Who’s there?” and “I see you.” ?

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Personally, I just want to make it immune to Autohack darts.

      Still, “No hard feelings” is just the polite thing to say when toppling over.

  12. robotnik says:

    Then I’ll be sure not to use a webcam near it.


    It might be just as effective with a laser sight and blank ammo.  That would be a trouser-soiling experience.

  14. brianary says:

    A chair may be more stable and available than a tripod, and would make this a Bioshock turret.

  15. spejic says:

    The South Africans have an anti aircraft version of this. It finds its own targets, engages them on its own, and even reloads itself when it runs out of shells. And then one day…

  16. jeligula says:

    The only practical application for this is the coming zombie apocalypse.   Therefore, I applaud the open-sourceiness of it.  It takes a brave man to declare that zombies are a threat to all.

  17. pjcamp says:

    Oh good! Nothing bad could possibly come of this. Perhaps they could sell it into gated communities in Florida.

  18. Daemonworks says:

    Good thing milita types, zetas and the like don’t know how to use the internet.

  19. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    SkyNet activated. T1 system initiated.

  20. teapot says:

    If you can destroy the system with a $5 laser pointer and a bucket of water it’s probably not a good security alternative.

  21. mackerelstopper says:

    Oh Great! Just give it a real gun , some mobility and we’re all F’d. 

  22. mobobo says:

    how about an automated sentry robot that greets the intruder with a nice cup of tea? then chats with your uninvited guest about lifestyle choices and how a positive social contribution will add to a sense of personal well being…

  23. Arguman says:

    I can think of no way commercial use of this product could possibly lead to any problems.

  24. howaboutthisdangit says:

    I wonder how hard it would be to adapt the software to control a USB foam rocket launcher.  That would be the ultimate in desktop defense.

  25. Crispian says:

    How does it detect that the targets are using a webcam? ;)

  26. Thax says:

    Just what we need: more shootings, less responsibility.

  27. mtskeptic says:

    Now just to package it in an ovoid shaped turret a la Portal :)

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