R2D2 skirt

Etsy seller GoChaseRabbits make this fabulous custom R2D2 skirt. She's sold it, but she's taking pre-orders for more.

For Sale is a UNIQUE R2D2 Star Wars Inspired skirt! This is one of my original designs, it is all hand cut with machine patchwork stitching. This is surely a conversation piece. I tried to make it as accurate as possible to R2D2's Head. This waistband has GREAT stretch and can fit an array of sizes from S-L, it is wide so it acts as a cincher.

The skirt is 100% Cotton and completely machine washable, the length is 19" from top of waistband to hem.

r2d2 star wars inspired full skirt RESERVED FOR CUSTOMER (via Neatorama)


  1. This would be a great piece to wear to this years comic con since I have no plans on cosplaying. And even if I do, this would be a nice dress down for the last day (going in costume 4 days is too much for even me)

  2. Only problem I see is that any girl wearing this will need to prepare for every geek she passes to fall in love with her.

  3. Now that’s what I come here for.  Forget all that serious insanity (of politics, copyright etc etc), let’s stick to the frivolous insanity.
    Fantastic piece of work.

  4. That’s pretty cool.  You could also do Famous Space Capsules of the World.  Mercury (that’s a mini), Gemini (little black dress, evening wear), Apollo (only between Memorial Day and Labor Day).  Soyuz if you don’t mind looking like a samovar.  Be hard to top the hologram though.

    1. Yeah?  Well the first thing that crossed my mind is that this skirt has real kinky, fetishist potential.  So you’re in tip-top mental shape, compared to others here in BB.

  5. It’s things like this that make me wish I was a girl…

    …out at least a more convincing crossdresser.

  6. Then the probe comes out and tries to interface with you and shut down all the trash compactors. Yikes.

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