Book launch party in Minneapolis, April 19th


2 Responses to “Book launch party in Minneapolis, April 19th”

  1. BariSaxMN says:

    I thought it was “Minneapolitans” and “St. Paulites”
    (Sorry for the pedantry, but I think demonyms are kind of fascinating.)  Back on topic, this book sounds very interesting.  I hope it does well and I look forward to reading it.

  2. Ken Williams says:

    Cool – I hope to make it but my 5-year-old has his first tennis lesson at 6pm, so we might not.  However, I’m *sure* there will indeed be leyden jars, the Bakken seems to have no end of them.  And several means (what’s the plural of means?  meanses?  I hope not.) of charging them up.

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