Book launch party in Minneapolis, April 19th

Minneapolites and St.Paulians: Join me April 19th for a launch party celebrating my book Before the Lights Go Out. It'll be at The Bakken Museum—an excellently geeky temple to the history and inner workings of electricity—and besides the usual speech and snacks, I am told that there will be a Leyden jar on hand. Experience electricity up close and personal!


  1. I thought it was “Minneapolitans” and “St. Paulites”
    (Sorry for the pedantry, but I think demonyms are kind of fascinating.)  Back on topic, this book sounds very interesting.  I hope it does well and I look forward to reading it.

  2. Cool – I hope to make it but my 5-year-old has his first tennis lesson at 6pm, so we might not.  However, I’m *sure* there will indeed be leyden jars, the Bakken seems to have no end of them.  And several means (what’s the plural of means?  meanses?  I hope not.) of charging them up.

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