Map of US police departments' policies on tracking cell-phone use without a warrant


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  1. Teller says:

    You go, ACLU. It’s bad enough Google and Verizon know where I am. Not the effing cops, too.

  2. awjt says:

    A mobster can allllmost drive from Buffalo to Houston… except for that pesky Virginia panhandle

  3. Zain Iqbal says:

    The Wire just would not have been as interesting had it been filmed in one of those blue states.

  4. mike says:

    That’s a map of states where the ACLU filed requests for information. The gray states are just those where the local ACLU hasn’t investigated yet, not where your personal information is safe.

  5. David Hardin says:

    I just wanted to say that the best part about the response from my local police department here in Oklahoma City is the following;

    “Our public information officer, Captain Patrick Stewart, is available to discuss this matter with you at your convenience.”

  6. You would want police to pinpoint your cell phone if it got stolen/you lost it. Or imagine how many distraught mothers call police to track their missing child.

    It would be helpful if these tracking statistics were broken down by owner/guardian consent.

    • Guest says:

      Daniella, you hit the nail on the head. I mean, if it’s a mom that is. See, a Dad wouldn’t really bring up the notion of asking the police to track the phone, since it’s not the small child that’s holding it … but himself … ?

      Anyway, for older children, there’s some sweet parent-stalker software out for most modern cell phones that lets you keep tabs on your kid’s location, speed, etc. … ?

      So, basically you have it all backwards and you’re being a total goon by batting your eyelashes and pleading innocence for the police. If you were to do a little digging, you would find that there is a mandatory waiting period to report a missing person in a whole lot of places. That’ll give judges plenty of time to sign a warrant.

      We didn’t really cover the issue of cell phone jamming in public places, which could mean the difference between a good recovery and death in the case of a stroke or heart attack. Perhaps you should lobby for this too. Old people suck, and they don’t really deserve proper care.

      As for the police tracking your lost cell phone… you cannot possibly be serious. Oh, and zip up your pants. Your vag is showing, and that’s not very classy.

  7. auralee says:

    Our rights keep getting violated because there are no meaningful penalties for doing so.

    It would be helpful if this post also included a link to the “take action now” URL on the ACLU site that generated this map.

  8. jett moore says:

    +1 ACLU, +1 Goole, +1 Verizon, -1 Police

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