The Dalek Relaxation Tape (by Peter Serafinowicz)

[Video Link] Created by Peter Serafinowicz.


  1. It’s been ages since I cried with laughter at something.
    Then again, I’m a long-time fan, so that’s a big part of it.
    Thanks for the link.  With that hour every second being uploaded, it’s just too hard to keep up with everything…

  2. I cried laughing the first time I heard this, and the second and third times too.
    Its pretty strange really because the title fully gives away what the joke is going to be – but it’s still the funniest thing I’ve encountered all year, even after that.

    1. Yeah, I’m frankly amazed at how funny it is despite being so simple and obvious. I think it’s the timing – the interruptions are perfectly timed.

  3. is this “tape” real? if so, how would one procure such an item? 

    i’ve tried the googles and amazons, no luck.

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