The world's smallest model car

This electron microscope photograph, published by the Vienna University of Technology, shows a nano-scale model of a Formula One racing car, created using a 3D printing technique being developed there. The BBC has more on the new technique.


  1. It’s worth noting that this model is *very large* by many standards of nanofabrication. Interpreting the scale bar there and the numbers in the article, the resolution on this printing technique is between 1 to 2 µm. Some commonly-used fabrication methods can build structures with resolution of < 20 nm.

  2. Wow. Even includes a tiny steering wheel. I’m now giving it the worlds smallest round of applause.

  3. No, it’s obviously not “nano-scale”. It’s 0.285mm according to the article. You could make out the shape with a magnifying glass and see it clearly with an optical microscope.

    1. I was wondering about that too, my first thought was  “what is that…thing? and why isn’t it mentioned in the article? , its definitely pertinent”

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