The world's smallest model car


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  1. planettom says:

    My nanites are going to love this!

  2. MrScience says:

    It looks great until you realize it’s completely impractical: the tires are flat! :)

  3. cegev says:

    It’s worth noting that this model is *very large* by many standards of nanofabrication. Interpreting the scale bar there and the numbers in the article, the resolution on this printing technique is between 1 to 2 µm. Some commonly-used fabrication methods can build structures with resolution of < 20 nm.

  4. Mantissa128 says:

    Here’s a link to a video of it being built up, layer by layer:

  5. lunaticg says:

    That is crazy. How many days they need to make this?

  6. pfooti says:

    The nose is wrong.

  7. lava says:

    Wow. Even includes a tiny steering wheel. I’m now giving it the worlds smallest round of applause.

  8. this time, it must be said, adrian newey has simply gone too far

  9. Laurence Brothers says:

    No, it’s obviously not “nano-scale”. It’s 0.285mm according to the article. You could make out the shape with a magnifying glass and see it clearly with an optical microscope.

  10. zuben says:

    I see no mention of the 100 µm death slug slowly advancing.

    • bytefyre says:

      I was wondering about that too, my first thought was  “what is that…thing? and why isn’t it mentioned in the article? , its definitely pertinent”

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