Minecraft creator announces new game: "0x10c"


11 Responses to “Minecraft creator announces new game: "0x10c"”

  1. Nonentity says:

    Nope, not interested: waist high walls and endings that make sense were dropped from the feature list.  Changing the name is one thing, Notch, but that’s just going too far to bow down to The Man!

  2. Arne Reimers says:

    Ehm, you can already do all of that in EVE Online, no?

  3. While understandable from a business POV, the monthly subscription to play multiplayer is something of a turn off. 

    However, what little we know about the game is … unusual.  Should be interesting.

  4. BBNinja says:

    You’re late Notch.  I love Minecraft as much as the next guy but keep your cutesy java games out of my serious 4X gaming please. :/

    • ZikZak says:

       Doesn’t seem like a 4X game at all.  So far, it seems like a sandbox game centered around custom built spaceships and assembly programming.

      • BBNinja says:

        Well, Elite is arguably by some the godfather of 4x’s which is supposedly what they’re trying to emulate. We’ll see I guess but I’m not too excited at this point.

  5. MrEricSir says:

    I’m confused.  Is it 0x10c or 0×10^c? (Obviously this is a very important question.)

  6. HahTse says:

    Will buy this as soon as possible.

  7. vmny says:

    http://0x10cboards.com is up with some updates

  8. Summer Seale says:

    Sounds a bit like what Earth and Beyond did with generators on their ships? Or maybe I’m not reading it right.

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