Dropbox ups free bonus space to 16GB

Dropbox just made it so that  I  you can get up to 16GB of storage by referring new users to the awesome, life-changing free-of-charge cloud service. Noobs also get the same bonus for being referred, too. Let's get this pyramid scheme rolling, people. Update: I'm maxed out. Scroll down to the comments and give your fellow readers some.


      1. Dropbox has a pretty bad track record when it comes to security. It’s a great service for easy public file sharing and simple syncing, but it certainly isn’t secure. Assume anything you put on there could become public.

        In the not so distant past one of their developers pushed up a change that bypassed the password authentication; you could log in to any account by entering anything into the password field. This was the case for several hours.

        This is a good article on the subject of Dropbox’s security: http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2011/05/internet_security

        (Shamelessly piggy backing on Rob’s comment at the top. ¬_¬)

        1. Well heck, I’ll shamelessly piggyback on yours. I’ll be careful with my new super-data-storage powers, I promise!


          I’ll edit this if I get topped off to let you other fun-loving pyramid schemers know…

    1. If you click on this link I will send you a picture of a member of the waitstaff* at the Brick House here in Plano, TX. 


      *waitstaff made up of attractive young women. Alternative photo available upon request.

    2. Really I’m replying to Rob’s suggestion bellow, but, you know, click on a link to get your free cloudling.


      Yes. That link up there give you 2.5 Gb free cloud storage with the possibility of up to 16 Gb through pyramidal referrals like this.

    3. Great place for storing all of my academic articles, character sheets, creating writing, photos and whatnot.
      Oh, and if you’re worried about security, install Truecrypt.


    4. Brilliant!  Thanks so much for the great idea Rob!    Clicking this link will make your ******* bigger  http://db.tt/gxN1HSX  (stars may refer to your anatomy or dropbox, whichever comes first)

  1. I’m on a pretty fast connection… not cable internet or anything. I don’t know what the hell it is… whatever one step down from cable is.

    I like the idea of cloud storage, but it literally takes me an hour to upload a single album. Is cloud storage for fast connections only?

    This is the first time I’ve asked a techy question on the internet in a long time. I’m scared. Go easy on me.

    1. Sounds like DSL. I used to have DSL. It’s ok. So far I’m using Dropbox for small files. It runs in the background and likely won’t perceptively affect your surfing. Get started here: http://db.tt/CWtXuYm5 

    2. Dropbox is actually a pretty good solution for slow(ish) internet connections since you still keep all the files stored locally on your hard drive and it updates any changes in the background. You can also change the settings so it only updates when your connection is idle so it won’t affect your surfing at all.

      Also, if you use THIS referral I’ll let you access the shared folder I use for high-res naked photos of the ten people you find most sexually attractive. http://db.tt/92tuwY1

  2. This blog entry would have been cleverer had Rob inserted a hack to replace all db.tt links to his own referral URL.

  3. How long until  they’re shut down by the feds??

    More on point, Rob, I used your link to sign up and only got 2gb of clouds.  How can I get more clouds??

    1.  Replying to my own self ’cause I’m cool like that.  I got an email from them:

      “Thanks for registering for Dropbox! For accepting [Rob]’s invitation, we’ve awarded you 500 MB of bonus space. You now have a total of 2.5 GB on Dropbox!”I guess I should have read some sort of instructions or terms or conditions.  Now I need to refer 13.5 gibs of peeps.

  4. ________________ (insert a meme that’s been modified to be appropriate and entertaining to this thread here)

    (and click on my referral link) http://db.tt/Oy7BorYh

  5. I find it amusing that I’m almost the ONLY person to say something that does not include a link.

  6.  Why I remember back in the day when 1k was enough… well enough to run but not really enough for anything worth talking about but the 16k expansion pack cost more than the computer and didn’t really work right because the connection would jiggle every time you typed on that POC keyboard and freeze the whole thing up…. Ah, but sonny, you can’t barely fit a favicon in 16k anymore so what’s an extra 500mb amongst friends – or, acquaintances if the familiarity of “friends” shocks your sensibilities – “friends” is after all a bit of a stretch for the fellow travelers who just happened to intersect on this vast internet of tubesthings wanting free stuff. http://db.tt/4PLMuqzU

  7. This pyramid scheme worked. Will it work again? https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTIzMTAzMDc4OQ?src=global9

  8. Ohh, ooh! Anyone who wants to help a LATE adopter out, here’s my link:


    And then promise me that you will only use it to move your least sensitive data back and forth, because I am a librarian, and I worry about everybody’s personal data, and I don’t ever recommend anything information related without a disclaimer. But for real, help a lady out, I’ve got a ton of indy-media events to speak at this year, which means five tons of literature I’d rather not print out. 

  9. Help Me!! I need 16GB of storage to store my cure for cancer formula!!!  http://db.tt/z0cAdNul

  10. I use dropbox to keep all of my school documents (I’m a teacher).  It is wonderful to have everything synched to allow me to work from any location.  I ditched the flash drive two years ago and haven’t looked back.  I could definitely use the space:


  11. Oh, please please please please!  I’ve been running at near the max forever!  http://db.tt/tUM4R8K  — I *need* more space!


  12. Guys, I have a proposal. If all those links  above  are maxed out already for their free 16GB spaces. Here’s another one. http://db.tt/CssWbKAI Go crazy! :D

  13. Dear Boing Boing reader who does not yet have Dropbox, wants Dropbox and scrolled all the down to this post to click on this link:


    Huzzah and thank you, you magnificent bastard. Now fly, fly away on your invisible unicorn as your magic is needed in an other corner of Them Internets.

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