Dropbox ups free bonus space to 16GB


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  1. Ace Manum says:

    Will you get to keep the 16GB permanently?

  2. mwiik says:

    Here’s a better link: http://db.tt/CWtXuYm5

  3. Lee Nelson says:

    Sign up here to get started :)

  4. CompMike says:

    This link is has kittens. http://db.tt/Wr83bbiY

  5. Ben Rowell says:

    My link is pretty cool http://db.tt/J9T6ati

  6. Ross Morgan says:

    I’m on a pretty fast connection… not cable internet or anything. I don’t know what the hell it is… whatever one step down from cable is.

    I like the idea of cloud storage, but it literally takes me an hour to upload a single album. Is cloud storage for fast connections only?

    This is the first time I’ve asked a techy question on the internet in a long time. I’m scared. Go easy on me.

    • mwiik says:

      Sounds like DSL. I used to have DSL. It’s ok. So far I’m using Dropbox for small files. It runs in the background and likely won’t perceptively affect your surfing. Get started here: http://db.tt/CWtXuYm5 

    • Brainspore says:

      Dropbox is actually a pretty good solution for slow(ish) internet connections since you still keep all the files stored locally on your hard drive and it updates any changes in the background. You can also change the settings so it only updates when your connection is idle so it won’t affect your surfing at all.

      Also, if you use THIS referral I’ll let you access the shared folder I use for high-res naked photos of the ten people you find most sexually attractive. http://db.tt/92tuwY1

  7. Daniel_Wood says:

    It’s bonus time! http://db.tt/1fakhIH

  8. mwiik says:

    This blog entry would have been cleverer had Rob inserted a hack to replace all db.tt links to his own referral URL.

  9. TheKaz1969 says:

    I heard that everytime you use this link, Rick Santorum gets a little more gay…


  10. ObeyMyBrain says:

    If you hate puppies and unicorns riding bacon rainbows, don’t click this link.

  11. wka says:

    Indeed: http://db.tt/bhiFRkbA

  12. Chris Bosdal says:


  13. eljefe900 says:

     Survive the coming Zombipocalypse http://db.tt/nfGEFs1

  14. Borja Chicharro Huertas says:

    For every second that someone doesn’t click this link, a little fairy dies.

    If you click you won’t be disappointed,it’s almost as good as Rick Astley coming to sing for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

  15. Mike Riverso says:

    Might as well throw this on the pile: http://db.tt/Z8nRqdpe

  16. Andrew says:

    wait, so why is the free? sorry to be the damp towel but this sets of my too good to be true radar.

  17. kraken17 says:

    Mine comes with guaranteed* happiness! http://db.tt/Fwh6ysFG

    * not guaranteed

  18. Robert says:

    Click on me! Click on me! http://spideroak.com

  19. C W says:

    The Amway of cloud storage!

  20. dculberson says:

    How long until  they’re shut down by the feds??

    More on point, Rob, I used your link to sign up and only got 2gb of clouds.  How can I get more clouds??

    • dculberson says:

       Replying to my own self ’cause I’m cool like that.  I got an email from them:

      “Thanks for registering for Dropbox! For accepting [Rob]‘s invitation, we’ve awarded you 500 MB of bonus space. You now have a total of 2.5 GB on Dropbox!”I guess I should have read some sort of instructions or terms or conditions.  Now I need to refer 13.5 gibs of peeps.

  21. Bob says:

    That didnt work. I only got 2gb

  22. phlavor says:

    For every click of this link I will punch a genuine hipster. http://db.tt/siInKYy

  23. big says:

    Click here to see a Unicorn skewering Newt Gingrich! http://db.tt/o61d7AUW

  24. Every time you click this link I will be honoured that you clicked on my own link: http://db.tt/w7AIdcwk

  25. Tory X says:

    Free candy!!  http://db.tt/X3Hnrxc

  26. Why has no-one figured out that they should reply to the first comment in the thread to jump the queue?

  27. flashbax812 says:

    This link comes with chocolate:  http://db.tt/bajW7rf

  28. Zane T says:

    Pretty sure you get 500 megs bonus and a cookie from this link…

  29. toupeira says:

    This link comes without any ass-kissing:  http://db.tt/NOO2pYF

  30. Ryan says:

    Whatever you do … DON’T CLICK THIS LINK http://db.tt/0Hy9P7l

  31. Anthony Glyadchenko says:

    Click this for world peace: http://db.tt/ywFBDnQ

  32. Chris Fleury says:

    Click on this and I’ll have my Nigerian friend contact you about a big inheritance you might get a piece of…..  http://db.tt/zyAA29F

  33. Shawn Goldwater says:

    This Dropbox user (still) works for a Canadian cultural organization, but has lost colleagues to the cuts. Click here to send Stephen Harper a message! http://db.tt/0KXDXRa

  34. jxeat says:

    Plain,  simple.  I need to top up 4 more GB.  Click here please!  http://db.tt/Xn7wyjz

  35. Help a Teacher… I only have 4GB and use this to share files to my classroom… 


  36. mchan says:

    Please, all five of you on the Internet without dropbox, click here!


     As a bonus, I’ll throw in some special pills to enlarge a certain piece of anatomy you may or may not possess…

  37. orcker says:

    Assist a free tuition coach!


  38. garbuckle says:

    nerd seeks gb’s http://db.tt/Ta1QJB6q

  39. Jeffrey Boser says:

    I’d love it if you could help boost my storage, thinking of getting dropbox for the first time, here’s a link for the extra 500mb: http://db.tt/xeDV4ou

  40. Daemonworks says:

    This is a link. a lovely link. a delicious link. you love the link.

  41. dowism says:

    I’ll just leave this here….  http://db.tt/AqUlb8n     :)

  42. Chris Swiney says:

    So why not try this one out, instead?

  43. datokage says:

     *sigh* All the way at the bottom… some sympathy? http://db.tt/VeMgzHl

  44. Matthew M. says:

    Here’s mine. http://db.tt/kg0QfAiv 

    So many options.

  45. hunterdt says:

    Here is mine! Welcome to Dropbox!

  46. franpi says:

    Click here to help a Nigerian prince…


  47. Sounak Basu says:

    Here is mine - http://db.tt/zujPq7oy
    Be a boxer!

  48. Jim Storey says:

    Can I get some Boing Boing user love?


  49. oldow says:

    clicking here will make you happy… promise :)

  50. fordjoe says:

    Yea for free space!

  51. Craig Sturgis says:

    ceci n’est pas un referral


  52. Will York says:

    It’d be awesome if I could get some free space too :)

  53. Sirkowski says:

    I’ll draw a post card for those that get me free space. http://db.tt/JDkrUSk

  54. Here’s mine. Happy dropboxing! http://db.tt/RXTM33s8

  55. false_azure says:

    Does this really work? http://db.tt/vHcLtv0E

  56. Edwin Mons says:

     Here’s mine.  Hope some of you use it!  Thanks, and good luck with Dropbox!  http://db.tt/AzubtvgJ

  57. ________________ (insert a meme that’s been modified to be appropriate and entertaining to this thread here)

    (and click on my referral link) http://db.tt/Oy7BorYh

  58. Wout Mager says:

    please please please let me get what i want: http://db.tt/IozJulLN

  59. Treeswing says:

    I wanna play too!


  60. Aamir Poonawala says:

    i send a small bit of digital gratitude to you!

  61. Hope I’m not too late to the party: http://db.tt/nzY6CTl

  62. Eike says:

    http://db.tt/8urYXlU<– Alternative 10 hour Nyancat-credit.

  63. http://db.tt/ctRODR8 — Obviously my link refers to Rodents Of Diminishing Repugnance by burying the acronym so cleverly within the link.

  64. Just got around to checking  my rss and saw this. Looks like I may be too late, but who knows. Nice idea . . . hope it works for as many as possible.

  65. Ross Armer says:

    Another here… http://db.tt/HDM7cCcl

  66. milkandone says:

    Free Dropbox easter eggs here ——————-> http://db.tt/aA99uha7

  67. clasqm says:

    Ve haff ways off making you klik diss link …


  68. SoItBegins says:

    I find it amusing that I’m almost the ONLY person to say something that does not include a link.

  69. Mark Healey says:

    Yadda yadda yadda… http://db.tt/nlOSGTM
    I’m in the UK, if that helps lol

  70. ma.ttada.ms says:

    I’ve got a link, yes I do. I’ve got a link, how ’bout you?

  71. Sophie McNally says:


  72. Martin says:

    I need the extra space for a German language iBook project. Help me make this happen, people! http://db.tt/b08Il9TX 

  73. Paul Gregoire says:

    FREE as in BEER, er I mean BYTES! http://db.tt/UtUNUwyY

  74. PolishQ says:

    Yeah, here’s this thing: http://db.tt/YxmMajU9

  75. I’m a Indie Game Dev, I use dropbox to share the source code and art assets of my Ludum Dare games, pretty please use my referal ;-D


    (or play a game: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1043484/games/LD21/Escaparazzi.swf )

  76. Chris Floegel says:

    Free space for both of us!!  http://db.tt/sX9tgMv

  77. bodenski says:

    Yet another link, as I have yet to find someone without dropbox.
    Please click:  http://db.tt/Epp9g8j

  78. withanothername says:

    I could use the extra space and you could use dropbox: http://db.tt/1Ysz6hPi

  79. Bobby Chan says:

    Hopefully this works….  http://db.tt/QKugBVD

  80. chipsnsalsa says:

    You know you want it. Well, maybe you don’t know, but you do want it. http://db.tt/nd6DP9V

  81. Everytime someone new clicks this link, an angel gets its wings!  http://db.tt/WaDRpzp1

  82. Zachariah Hoffman says:

    Don’t mind if I do: http://db.tt/O88PNzl

  83. cbath says:

    click me click me   http://db.tt/33sNa74q

  84. This link is better than ALL the links above. No, really! :-D  http://db.tt/xof6Kl1

  85. Antonio Silva says:

    This referral link is exactly like all the others above and there is no special reason why I need Dropbox space more than anyone else: http://db.tt/HMFRspO

  86. leidentech says:

     Why I remember back in the day when 1k was enough… well enough to run but not really enough for anything worth talking about but the 16k expansion pack cost more than the computer and didn’t really work right because the connection would jiggle every time you typed on that POC keyboard and freeze the whole thing up…. Ah, but sonny, you can’t barely fit a favicon in 16k anymore so what’s an extra 500mb amongst friends – or, acquaintances if the familiarity of “friends” shocks your sensibilities – “friends” is after all a bit of a stretch for the fellow travelers who just happened to intersect on this vast internet of tubesthings wanting free stuff. http://db.tt/4PLMuqzU

  87. withanothername says:

    This pyramid scheme worked. Will it work again? https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTIzMTAzMDc4OQ?src=global9

  88. Dave Casey says:

    Why not Zoidberg? http://db.tt/PpON3TH7

  89. texasbrian says:

    Click here and I’ll have 10 of my friends google Santorum just to move it back up in the rankings. http://db.tt/t7n74Ne9

  90. zdislaw says:

    Be my friend. Make me happy. I wish there were more in it for you: http://db.tt/ErOSscr5

  91. cartmansmom says:

    Let me get in on this party! http://db.tt/6veWhEaJ

  92. tehinternetroxorz says:

    Sigh. Guess it’s a long shot..with so links up there. http://db.tt/EVJDXUS

  93. Mamdouh Moustafa says:

    here’s mine 


  94. mertman says:

    Please help people, this account is for a school!


  95. Brian Rook says:

    I support open source software and buy indie games… please help!  8)

  96. Lydia9 says:

    Ohh, ooh! Anyone who wants to help a LATE adopter out, here’s my link:


    And then promise me that you will only use it to move your least sensitive data back and forth, because I am a librarian, and I worry about everybody’s personal data, and I don’t ever recommend anything information related without a disclaimer. But for real, help a lady out, I’ve got a ton of indy-media events to speak at this year, which means five tons of literature I’d rather not print out. 

  97. Appreciate all the help: http://db.tt/9j1Dx5AG

  98. dbg7 says:

    my hovercraft is full of  http://db.tt/gweUYmSf

  99. Greggem says:

    Every time you don’t click this link my cat hates you: http://db.tt/lrAVIGZj

  100. Jeremy Delgado says:

    Fund the cure to the common cold! click this link! http://db.tt/Dwjkqy1N

  101. Marty Marks says:

    Help support internet radio! http://db.tt/F0b4zDi

  102. PlutoniumX says:

    I like big butts and I cannot… http://db.tt/lFdxeKJ

  103. Andrew Hopt says:

    I love you guys. Seriously. <3


  104. Christopher May says:

    Share the love please!!!    http://db.tt/9zvbbSm

  105. Just Me says:

    I’m such a lonely link… why won’t you click me?

  106. Kevin says:

    I could use a little extra space.  http://db.tt/fHDskY6l

  107. Magnús Pétur Bjarnason Obinah says:

    Let’s go people, those 16GB won’t create themselves :-)


  108. Stephen Risinger says:

    I’ll get in on this, if I still can!


  109. This way you can get even more GB!!!


  110. Anamaria Vere Rice says:

    Click me!

  111. Ethan Hurd says:

    Here’s mine, I’d love some more room: http://db.tt/dqWXz6Bs

  112. nethead says:

    Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! db.tt/yA4ogNh

  113. theseappleeyes says:

    As a graduate student with files on multiple computers, dropbox totally saves my life on a regular basis. Making flashdrives obsolete… http://db.tt/zD8Msb1

  114. abrac says:

    Help Me!! I need 16GB of storage to store my cure for cancer formula!!!  http://db.tt/z0cAdNul

  115. entee says:

    Hi lovely people

    Get me free stuff please 



  116. David Wisniewski says:

    me wants too plz!

  117. cerebus300 says:

    I use dropbox to keep all of my school documents (I’m a teacher).  It is wonderful to have everything synched to allow me to work from any location.  I ditched the flash drive two years ago and haven’t looked back.  I could definitely use the space:


  118. Byron Poland says:

    Here’s mine … thanks! http://db.tt/eSxAWwN

  119. Ari Teger says:

    Worth a shot although I’m late to the party

  120. comzeradd says:

    dropbox 16Gb referer for anyone who needs it http://db.tt/LeqySjF

  121. Marjo Aho says:


  122. vr7777 says:

    Would appreciate a click here: http://db.tt/4UDARJvL

  123. Daniel Philips says:

    Well who knows, maybe someone will see this one all the way down here too!


  124. Greg says:

    Here’s my referral code for those so inclined http://db.tt/9mGeRqxd

  125. Pixelmatsch says:

    Let’s profit off each other, wheee~ http://db.tt/QpVHIM3

  126. molachai says:

    Everytime you click a different link, a fairy dies.


  127. eviljohn says:

    Oh, please please please please!  I’ve been running at near the max forever!  http://db.tt/tUM4R8K  – I *need* more space!


  128. shockerz says:

    Guys, I have a proposal. If all those links  above  are maxed out already for their free 16GB spaces. Here’s another one. http://db.tt/CssWbKAI Go crazy! :D

  129. Benoa says:

    Need… more … space … http://db.tt/7QA70FOD

  130. Can’t come up with anything cool to write. Just give me more space. Thnx!

  131. Dmitri F. says:

    Get in on the action!  http://db.tt/H8ti6UW

  132. Adam Axbey says:

    Dear Boing Boing reader who does not yet have Dropbox, wants Dropbox and scrolled all the down to this post to click on this link:


    Huzzah and thank you, you magnificent bastard. Now fly, fly away on your invisible unicorn as your magic is needed in an other corner of Them Internets.

  133. I just love Dropbox, you will too! http://db.tt/F2XJ9M3

  134. redrim says:

    Rock it out:  This Dropbox link gives you Free extra space:  http://db.tt/uLeTtKK

  135. thasamai says:

    the best: http://db.tt/RCt6Q5U

  136. c says:

    dropbox, get your dropbox! http://db.tt/LFWpQblb

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