New branding for Reading is Fundamental

Brand New reports that the nonprofit literacy organization Reading is Fundamental (RIF) has replaced its 44-year-old logo. Usually I think logos from the 1960s are better than modern redesigns, but in this case, the designer did a great job.

201204061036 "Starting today, supporters will see RIF’s bold new look and logo which marks the beginning of an awareness campaign designed to honor RIF’s iconic brand and spark a widespread movement in support of reading. The new logo is a modern formation of an open book—its openness symbolizes a voice for underserved communities and the world of possibilities opened to children through reading. The new mark is further enhanced by vivid tones of yellow and blue, creating a symbol that is electric and boldly stands as a badge of honor for all people that believe in the power of reading. RIF’s reenergized image is just the first step in many planned for their anniversary year to help book people across the nation unite."

Reading is Fundamental is Fun (Thanks, Gary!)


  1. make no mistake:  the logos are great, RIF is awesome, and yes, I’m very much in favor of helping the underserved–or anyone–with education/intellectual empowerment; but in what way does “its openness symbolizes a voice for underserved communities”?  That just reads like pandering/preaching to the converted.  Am I just being cranky or did that rustle anyone else’s jimmies?

    sorry to be negative (i’m really sick today.)  anyway, neat logo.

  2. RIF. I do think that’s the program started up by Sec Def Robert MacNamara’s wife. 

    I learned that from an Errol Morris film. Not Wikipedia, for once.

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