MS to buy AOL patents for $1.1bn


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  1. LogrusZed says:

    What do people even use AOL for any more? Is it still a dial-up ISP? 

    • Lemoutan says:

      I believe they go around hampering software development – like shoutcast – with license restrictions, so that new opensource software – like icecast – gets started. So they may be of some service to the community at large.

      Beyond that, I dunno. I can’t even be arsed to find out what they do. I think they just go around owning things.

      But, like I say, I speak from ignorance so caveat lector.

  2. Daniel Ewing says:

    Who would have guessed that aol’s patents (on sending out coasters) was worth $1b?  

  3. Lemoutan says:

    It’s the nought point one that’s so sexy here. Somebody picked up 100 million for the ten percent enabling fee. Nice.

  4. What part of Netscape’s patents (allegedly 800 of them) did Microsoft buy? Am I the only one troubled by that? 

  5. scythenoire says:

    Yet another reason why patents are such a bad idea, they waste so much money that could be used for actual technology development or other useful things. Patents have never help progress science or technology, ever.

    • scav says:

      Never mind. Microsoft were unlikely to do anything useful with that $1B anyway.

      I expect it will be followed by another few hundred million going into the pockets of patent lawyers, then epic courtroom fail, then a few hundred dollars on new chairs for monkey-boy.

      The billion dollars will find their way back into the economy via yachts, fast cars, cocaine, restaurant bills, hookers, and eventually Android phones. :)

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