Jim Woodring's new crowd-funded project: a 100-page graphic novel


4 Responses to “Jim Woodring's new crowd-funded project: a 100-page graphic novel”

  1. JIMWICh says:

     Pupshaw is the best pet/companion/godling ever.

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    AAAHHHH! SPOILERS! I possess, but haven’t yet  read, Congress of Animals.

    (I actually kind of figured out already that Fran was a goil chipmunk-cat-thing.)

    • naam says:

      Same here! The book is staring at me, shaming me for not creating room for a sitting. So I can’t watch the video, Master Woodring, but you have my unfettered support. 

      When that usaprojects.org link starts working, that is.

  3. benher says:

    OH hell yes! Jim Woodring, you continue to awe and inspire good sir! (Here in Japan there’s this J.W. DVD made by some animation students or something – saw it at a buddies house and for some reason I can never seem to find a copy of it floating around)

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