How to weaponize office supplies

Jorg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel demonstrates for Businessweek how to make a pencil shooter from commonplace items sitting around your office.

Bloomberg Businessweek today released its second annual "How To" issue with 44 pages of advice from more than 60 CEOs, tech visionaries, politicians, media and sports personalities, designers, and artists on "How To" address real problems, both on a global scale and within the walls of your own office.

These experts tackle everything from how to make coffee at home to how to save Greece, and even tell readers how to weaponize office supplies.
How To Weaponize Office Supplies, video by Jörg Sprave.


  1. Rubber bands can store a considerable amount of energy, and when delivered into a small area that translates into a lot of force.

    Back in the days when MIT’s 2.70 contest was using lower tech, Woody Flowers used to do a safety lecture before turning the students loose with their kits of parts: using a couple of items from the kit, he’d shoot one of the pieces through a sheet of plywood.  After that, no student forgot that this pile of scraps could be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

  2. This is a good beginner level project to gain the skill and confidence for an even more fun and exciting project: a potato gun modified to fire Jarts!

  3. Any chance of a regular BoingBoing feature on weapons? Say, the best way to eviscerate a mugger with a Sharpie? Or how to decorate a switchblade with LEDs?

  4. Useful knowledge. Never know when you will need to conduct a raid against the office next door.

  5. I’ve had lip balm taken away from me when boarding a flight in Florida.  After this video I expect that pencils and paper will be added to the no fly list.

  6. The link at the end of the post is boinged.

    And this guy has been my hero ever since the zombie-slaying slingshot/hammer/pick with skull ejector. He is simultaneously the scariest and charmingest man on YouTube; he can’t help laughing along with us. 

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