Children cover Rammstein


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  1. Squazz Muntbacker says:

    Got the idea from Cookie Monster, I expect:

  2. Badass.  ‘Nuff said.

  3. eselqueso says:

    I want to be in a band with Cornelia.

    • Petzl says:

      Seriously.  She should get the most credit here:  a 5 year-old, professionally rocking it out, like a boss.

      Update: Everyone catch the theatricality in those last 3 seconds? That bright light goes on and they look up to it after singing a song about a “new sun”?

      • StAlfongzo says:

        For sure I thought the same! and then to double up on the end her on the harp and the brother on the violin. Just awesome!

      • Martijn Vos says:

        Absolutely. It’s awesome to see a 5 year old bang the drums so enthousiastically, with all the correct tempo changes and all.

        Mind you, a 10 year old that plays guitar, violin, harmonica and several flutes is also pretty cool.

  4. flickerKuu says:

    Isn’t “covering a Rhammstein song” like covering someone screaming and hitting trash can lids?

    • arikol says:

      Sure. Just like one could say that Rachmaninov was just banging his huge hands on the piano.
      Just like Mozart had “too many notes” in his pieces..

      • flickerKuu says:

        Lyrics less complex than German nursery ryhmes, and white noise that poses for music. Sorry. The Mozart comparison is apples and oranges. Rhamstein is Germany’s “bad rap”.

        • Ladyfingers says:

           They’re hilarious, though.

        • Mr9MM says:

          What? No it isn’t and their lyrics are damned good.

        • teapot says:

          I would give your comment more of my attention if you knew how to spell the thing you criticise.

          Also I wasn’t aware that complexity was a prerequisite for greatness.  I saw an interview with Kurt Cobain where he said he *tried* to write his songs like nursery rhymes. Can’t find a video, but here’s Dave Grohl:

          there’s something about the sing-song cadence of children’s music that has its place in rock. Kurt [Cobain] used to talk about that. He used to try to simplify songs so that they sounded like nursery rhymes. He put so much importance on melody. He really downplayed his lyrical skills. He always said, “Melody first and lyrics second.”

          • flickerKuu says:

            Thank you so much friend for the excellent comedy post you replied with! I would give your comment more of my attention if you knew how to spell “criticize” correctly! But who cares about spelling, I was personally spelling it multiple times incorrectly for fun. You should try it sometime, fun.
            I never said complexity was a prequisite for greatness. You say it right there: “he put importance on melody”. Simple is fine, melody is good. Trash cans banging white noise sound = bad. I love Nirvana, especially the Unplugged album. It is about the limit of my pop music and “simple” music appreciation.
            I’m just saying how I think there are a lot of really better sounding bands out there. That’s it. You guys go crazy with your defense of a “bad” band. It’s hilarious. Who cares what I think. Move on.

            Disclaimer: I don’t claim to know jack about music. I’ve had studied some music theory, I play a little, but what I do know what sounds like white noise, and “bad” to me. You will never argue me out of that.

          • teapot says:

            No need to get defensive.. I notice you’ve been back 3 days in a row to address this issue – your hatred of Rammstein is clearly a topic that is close to your heart. I would not still be laughing at your defensiveness if you realised that the US did not create the English language, and those who did spell words differently.

            Spelling things incorrectly is a weird way to get your kicks, but I suppose I do sometimes spell it Amerikkka/U$. In any case if that is how you get your kicks then it seems misuse of grammar and syntax is also in your repertoire of fun.. or were those legitimate errors?

            I am not even particularly a fan of Rammstein but it’s worth mentioning that the white noise I’m familiar with doesn’t have a beat. Maybe we just disagree on the definition of white noise? Do you mean it’s noisy music made by white guys? Along with Cowicide, I’m looking forward to hearing your cover – considering you “play a little”* you should be able to easily improve on something as “bad”* as Rammstein.

            *For future reference this is how to properly use quotation marks.

            PS: This ‘fun’ thing you mention; thanks for providing some on a slow Monday.

        • Symbiote says:

          Rammstein were great fun when I saw them at their recent concert in London.  Mozart clearly missed a trick, his performances didn’t have exploding industrial equipment :)

          If you think Rammstein are “white noise”, try listening to Combichrist (who supported them on their previous tour), and then try E-Craft (who toured with Combichrist), and then try Terrorfakt (who toured with E-Craft).

          Then stop complaining that other people like things you don’t like…

          (I don’t like Terrorfakt.  Sounds like a brick in a washing machine on a spin cycle.  But it has rhythm, notes, and  melody, so it is music.  Screaming and hitting stuff is music, including bin lids)

    • garyg2 says:

       Nah, that’s Einsturzende Neubaten covers.

       Or originals.

      I forget.

      Credit to the kids though and their teacher/parents. Diversity in music education FTW!

    • Cowicide says:

      Let’s see you play it.  Be sure not to stumble over the German.    ^_^

      Look forward to seeing your video.

    • This statement shows a lot about you as a person. Germany’s “bad rap”? Wtf kind of music do you listen to? Rammstein is on the better German pop bands out there. They have more talent than half of the people in the music industry today.

  5. voiceinthedistance says:

    I see a lot of Meg White in Cornelia, and vice versa.

  6. suburbanhick says:

    Far, far superior to the original.

  7. Digilante says:

    This is cool. If you’ve ever wondered what Rammstein sounds like in concert, when you’re drowning in a throbbing throng of malodorous youths, this is pretty much it.

  8. Stefan’s better on the guitar than the violin, but maybe I’m overly critical because I play viola and bass. Hell, at age ten I couldn’t play either, so who am I to say anything?

    Gotta add that Cornelia is the shit here. WOW!

  9. Cowicide says:

    I love how nonchalant the girls are.

  10. gothicgeek says:

    @ flickerKuu


    So you don’t like Rammstein?

  11. smirkuleez says:

    I love that she’s playing Rammstein, wearing a shirt that says “Hope”, and it’s not her name. That’s pretty deep stuff. Also, if you have to state that you play better than a child, you almost certainly don’t. Even more also, I think on the list of German “Bad Raps” Rammstein…well they’re not gonna be first is what I’m sayin’.

    • Deidzoeb says:

      There are smaller letters above and below “Hope” on her shirt. Perhaps “Abandon” and “all ye who enter here”?

      • smirkuleez says:

         Or “I certainly” and “that I don’t have to kick your teeth in.” Although Cornelia seems more like the sort to jump off the stage and kill somebody in the pit.

  12. MrEricSir says:

    The video for this song is about a druggie Snow White, so having children perform this song somehow brings the concept full circle.

  13. Dylan Boyce says:

    Just amazing. Love :18 and when she busts out the harp!?

  14. The 5 year old amazes me.  At 5 I wouldn’t have sat still long enough to play anything. 

  15. JIMWICh says:

    This is fifty-seven varieties of awesome, including them all gazing skyward at the very end.

  16. BarBarSeven says:

    The drummer… THE DRUMMER!!!

  17. Nate Cougill says:

    Yess!!! Parenting is not a dead art!

  18. Came in prepared to be all snarky, but goddammit that drummer is adorable!!

    They are all awesome, the drummer just killed it for me. So serious!

  19. David Kopelman says:

    The Cowsills for the coming generational apocalypse!

  20. Deidzoeb says:

    Where can I get that drum stand? Playskool or Rubbermaid brand?

  21. Mark A says:

    These kids are Gods of Rock. The drummer could be Freyja herself.

  22. sourbob says:

    Bonus: they’re Romanian! (I married into a Romanian family and often find myself doing the “And they’re Romanian!” thing whenever possible.)

  23. Rudy Belova says:

    It’s a lot better than Nicki Minaj’s latest video. I give em that!

  24. tyrantasaurus says:

    I love when that synth comes in at  0:52!

  25. Itsumishi says:

    I just love their name. It’s to the point.

  26. geessebeschleier says:

    first off   thumbs up for the kids 
    as for the Rammstein detractors, eventhough i do not like all of their works, i do believe they did the German music/language a lot of good.
    If they really should be compared to anyone, then maybe to the bands they have been influenced by and other bands of the “Neue Deutsche Haerte” scene and not to classical references . (apples and oranges….)
    A last point about their lyrics, translating them to English doesn’t do them justice but of course the world is not made of native German speakers 

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