Exit to the Labyrinth (excerpt), a film by Eileen Yaghoobian


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  1. DIY says:

    Go Eileen!  I remember your last documentary and it was amazing – simultaneously brilliant and slack and also beautifully shot.  I can’t imagine what this next one is going to be like – guess I’ll have to watch the video….  You’re going places, kid!

  2. petsounds says:

    I was just in Berlin last fall; wish I had known about this then!
    As I was traveling around Europe, Berlin seemed to be the city that every young person I talked to loved.

  3. J.C. says:

    This looks really cool, but it also looks like the opening scenes of a torture-porn movie.

  4. Felicitas says:

    I live in Berlin since 10 years now, and apart from that I’ve reached the state of whining about how “cool and independent and original” the city was when I came here, and how established and touristic it has become since then, I feel very at home here. 
    I maybe should go out more often since I never heard of this structure since it was built. It sounds amazing, though the entrence fee of 10€ (!) seems to be aimed mainly at tourists and not Berliners living off a few bucks..but well. Great artwork, both movie and Labyrinth! 
    Ah, almost forgot: The website of the Labyrinth itself! http://karmaweb.betabugs.de/

  5. joshuef says:

    I’ve been a couple of times. It is great for taking friends to and I assure you, you won’t feel like your 10 euros was badly spent. (unless you have any fear of small spaces… then it’s not for you)

  6. booomer says:

    I just experienced the labyrinth on my birthday this year. It was unforgettable. It’s creepy, dirty, dark, and fantastic! Like going into the belly of a giant underground beast.

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