Gigapan photo of Space Shuttle in extreme detail

NetGeo has a photo of the Space Shuttle Discovery's interior that you can pan and zoom way into.

Space Shuttle in Extreme Detail: Exclusive New Pictures

(Thanks, Rachel!)


  1. FYI, unless they’ve used the same sticker/hole cover in two different implementations (which I doubt), that’s where you’re supposed to stick the fire extinguisher nozzle in case of an electrical fire.

  2. Whats scary is all the software behind that machinery has less computing power than an iPad app, much less an iPad itself.

  3. The only thing better than huge high res aviation porn is having it locked up in a DRM tool of suckiness. They get repeat business for their advertising and I get to have a hard time zooming in to view any level of details because the tool sucks. Weeeeeeee. 

    Thats so much better than using Gimp or Preview to move through the photo because it involves a web browser! 

  4. I’m always fascinated with this kind of thing.  And I love how the reality of the “space age” isn’t glossy touch screens and sentient computers but grimy toggle switches, and lots and lots of velcro.

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