Jason Edmiston's Monsters of Rock portraits


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  1. Itsumishi says:

    They sure are! Really, amazing caricatures of Mick Jagger and Johnny Rotton.

  2. I’m guessing the two here at bOING-bOING are Axl Rose and Joey Ramone. Am I right? 

  3. Lyle Hopwood says:

    Thinking it’s possibly Barry “Teeth Mouth” McAllister and Johnny “Eye only do intestines”  Gatemouth Brown?

  4. dr.hypercube says:

    Awesomely Woolvertonesque. A++. 

  5. Rich Keller says:

    Okay, these are a riot! The Billy Idol is my favorite.

    This kind of thing kills me, because Jason is able to obviously depict whatever he wants and he chose to do this. It’s kind of a visual “neener neener.” He managed to nearly out-Wolverton Wolverton himself.

    If you’re into cute with your icky, check out Yoko D’Holbachie some time. She doesn’t do mash-ups, but these candy colored monsters that ooze tapioca. These reminded me of her stuff.

  6. M Carlson says:

    We have a local artist, Dennis Preston, that does stuff like this. He frequents a few of the local coffee shops and does doodles on their napkins and then lets the coffee shop sell them for the baristas’ tip jar. Here’s a sample of his stuff, although I know he has more on Facebook (which I”m not part of): http://www.pointedpoems.com/artist-dennis-preston/

  7. Es See says:

    @ Dr.Hypercube, Nice callout man, thats really the only reason I like em. Theyre solid and very well done but without the Wolverton Influence I woulda passed these by. Isnt it funny how these hypercolor versions still cant hold a stick to Basil’s work in B/W? lol But then again you cant trump a grotesquerie style that doesnt exist anymore.

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