Gent eats hot coals

I like the crunchy sounds. (Via Arbroath)


  1. Jim Rose Circus?  Or science teacher!

    With the physics classroom “drink liquid nitrogen” trick, word went out in the 1980s that the thermal shock causes accumulating crazing-fractures to teeth.  Physics teachers don’t do that one anymore, just lying on bed-0f-nails while assistant smashes a cinderblock placed on ribs.   Probably burning charcoal has similar risk to LN2, but I can’t recall ever seeing this suggested as a lecture demo.  (Should I be first?)  Leidenfrost effect provides an insulating layer for firewalking (which is a common lecture demo too.)

  2. Ah, geeks.

    (For those who don’t know – “geek” was originally carny slang for the guys who ate wierd stuff in sideshows)

    1.  Geek was usually reserved for those who ate live animals (biting their heads off) whereas people who ate strange inanimate objects were billed for what they ate or sometimes as human ostriches – however, the most famous human ostrich was actually a regurgitator who used both objects and small live animals (he didn’t kill & consume them but brought them back up whole & alive).  So, while there is no hard fast rule on the terminology a geek would be much more likely to be eating live animals.  this gentleman would most likely have been billed as neither, what he is doing falls under both pain proof man & fire manipulator (eating coals is one of the first effects explained the classic text Fire Magic as an extra for fire performers)

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