Hierarchical lists of Chinese snob-appeal in products, services and technology

ChinaSmack has published a translation of "Hierarchies of Snobbery and Contempt by Chinese Netizens" from Southern Metropolis Daily‘s City Weekly which describe "the multi-layered prejudices amongst Chinese when it comes to how the products, brands, sports, media, academic disciplines, music, movies, fashion, etc." It's a fascinating look at the valence and subtext of the familiar in an unfamiliar context.

Video Games: console games > foreign PC games > foreign online games > domestic online games > browser games/QQ games

World of Warcraft: Mage > DK (Dark Knight) > Hunter > Rogue > Warlock > Priest > Soldier > Druid > Paladin > Shaman

Kaixin.com Games: Happy City > Happy Garden > Happy Farm > Happy Restaurant > Happy Life

Hierarchies of Snobbery and Contempt by Chinese Netizens (via Waxy)