TV news blooper reel


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  1. mat catastrophe says:

    I’ve heard an apocryphal story about a young anchorwoman introducing the weather guy by saying, “Where’s that six inches you promised me last night?”

    I have never found it online. Anywhere.

    I think mother lied to me about a lot of things.

  2. Bersl says:

    I see the WDSU  “enjoying penis” segment made it. :D

  3. vertigo25 says:

    Man. I shouldn’t drink while watching videos like this. I had soy jizzum shoot out of my nose.

  4. invictus says:

    I’m more curious about what could possibly lead up to someone telling the weather anchor to “keep fucking that chicken.”

  5. zachstronaut says:

    I love that the above three comments cover the three breast slip ups in the whole clit.

  6. Jake0748 says:

     And I shouldn’t watch these kind of videos in the library.  People are wondering why this idiot is sitting there laughing with snot shooting out of his nose. 

  7. Nicky G says:

    Soy jiz? Really?

  8. Imagine how different history would be if Titanic hit those boobies off-shore instead of an iceberg.

    “Nipples straight ahead!!”

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