Ze Frank's demos his new special effects software

I'm glad Ze Frank is doing videos again!


    1. Well, apparently it’s back now, except as A Show instead of The Show. I can’t believe it took the Internet 2 months to inform of this, but my day is really looking up.

  1. Wow, this guy really gets it… How come I’d never heard of him before? How many other people like him have I never heard of yet?

  2. “and ‘Humility’?  Yeah, I’m not really sure what that does…”  BWAHahHAhahahahHAha
    I M dying.  If he does merch that should mos def go on a T-shirt.

    I love him, I was crestfallen when he got married.

  3. BTW, how’s Rocketboob doing? (Honestly, haven’t heard anything in a looong time.) Looks like Ze _did_ win after all. ;-)

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING THIS TO MY ATTENTION! I loved The Show when I was in middle school and am so happy he’s back doing what he does better than anybody else.  I really think Ze defined a whole style of internet videos that SO many people try to imitate with lesser success.

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