Sourcemap: visualizing supply-chains for the goods in our lives


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  1. Brian Sprague says:

    Yeah, well… If today’s announcement by Planetary Resources works out, we’ll need bigger maps.

    • digi_owl says:

      Heh, after looking into the back story of Gundam i found myself pondering how much space there is in, well, space. That is, i tried to calculate the approximate area available between the Sun and Pluto’s orbit.

      • desperado says:

        Since it is space, and not just the available amount on the surface of a spheroid, it’d be volume.

        • digi_owl says:

          True, but i wanted to keep it simple for myself. And most orbits are on approximately the same “plane”, no?

          • desperado says:

            True.  If we’re talking orbits, you now have the grand daddy of all traffic problems, trying to keep all those buggers rotating without collision.

  2. jetfx says:

    Why do they have to use a Mercator projection for this? Why? It’s just not an appropriate projection for a flow map.

  3. One step further in a more political direction:

    Knowledge and praxis of networks as a political project, 21st Century Society, Volume 4, Issue 3, November 2009,

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