Inglourious Muppets: Kermit decried by German authorities

German federal commission on media, ZAK, has declared Kermit the Frog guilty of criminal wrong-doing. Evidently Kermit engaged in illegal product placement during an appearance on commercial TV channel Pro7. This criminal declaration is unlikely to hold legal consequences but doesn't make things any easier on our green friend.

Hollywood Reporter:

The channel used the famous frog to present its so-called Disney Day of programming, which featured several family-friendly films. But Kermit also mentioned the theatrical release of Disney's The Muppets. Because the promo was not marked on screen as an ad, Pro7 violated German media law, which bans product placement unless clearly identified as such. Pro7 has admitted the error.
Hollywood Reporter: Kermit Booked for Illegal Advertising on German TV (via AV Club)


  1. Product placements have to be designated as such on-screen in Germany? I bet when they watch Michael Bay movies they can’t even see what’s going on under all the disclaimer text. (Lucky bastards.)

    1. Applies only to ads, news and publicly funded shows, not to movies. Unless they are movies funded by the tv license fee (which only applies movies produced by public broadcasting stations)

    1. He fought the law. (And the law won.)

      “Suck it, pig!”
      “Oh, uh—not you, sweetie!”

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