TSA Pre-Check reviewed

Choire Sicha: "I GIVE TSA PRECHECK AN A+++ IN AWESOMENESS. Though I also give it a D- in 'Constitutional and Human Fairness Issues.'"


  1.  Sounds like the old pre-9/11 screening procedure back before the good ol’ US of A decided everyone wanting to travel by plane is a suspected terrorist.

  2. So it only costs $100 to not get your balls cupped?!

    They so got that backwards, normally she charges more for extras…

    1. Don’t worry. Even with the pre-screening, you still have a chance of being fondled and subjected to all the other stuff too. This program doesn’t actually guarantee that you avoid all that.

      1.  What the hell man… I mean its like 10 times what the TSA agents were charging to take me to the head of the line in a wheelchair

  3. Beats the hell out of choosing between “get looked at naked” and “get groped by a stranger.”

    Now there’s a low-security path to the airplane (precheck) and a high-security path to the airplane (non-precheck).  Of course terrorists will voluntarily take the high-security path.

  4. Pay $100, go back to the old security system, which is faster and catches exactly the same number of threats as the new one: none.

  5. At many airports I have found that the premium customer lanes for those with 1st class tickets or enough frequent flyer miles (like myself) are just the old metal detectors and thus allow you to go through without having to endure a pat down due to opting out of the scanners.  The enforcement on using these lines is pretty lax and worth a shot even if you don’t qualify.  Some airports also have multiple security checkpoints and by using one that is less convenient for location you might also avoid the porno-scanners, I’ve been thinking of compiling a list to help people avoid them. 

  6. This program, like “Clear” and some of its other predecessors, is the TSA’s way of extorting bribes from travelers in return for not being harassed.  It’s a lot like those guys who offer to “watch your car” in the Yankee stadium parking lot, for $5 they’ll make sure nuthin’ happens to it, only it’s your government doing it to you to “protect your freedom.”  I don’t know if it’s better or worse to have the TSA doing it themselves instead of selling the privilege to private contractors to extort the bribes, like some of the previous programs.

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