Vintage 1960s Batman TV show photos


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  1. The quality of this photo is incredible, it was on 1960′s but it looks like it was just taken yesterday. Only the girl looks kinda vintage

  2. Vanwall says:


  3. Listener43 says:

    Shouldn’t that be a Dutch angle shot? Perhaps the picture frame could have been tilted.

  4. Paul Bowen says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pics!

  5. Brainspore says:

    Oh no! Don’t fall for the ruse, art-restoration-lady! That’s not really a painting!

  6. unit_1421 says:

    The guy’s whole collection is pretty remarkable. 

  7. jimh says:

    It’s noted on the Flickr comments as well, but one of my favorite pieces of Batman TV trivia is that Cesar Romero wouldn’t shave his mustache to play the Joker. They had to put the white makeup right over it. It’s especially obvious in close-ups, of course.

    And… Oh, glorious 2¼”!!

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