Douglas Rushkoff interviewed on Motherboard TV


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  1. HenryPootel says:

    “our friend” – that must be a level above “bb pal” :)

  2. Bernard Dubuisson says:

    That video is one of the coolest Apple commercials in years.

  3. seanmchugh says:

    I like Mr. Rushkoff.  He’s provocative.  But there’s something about him and other visionaries that I occassionally find off-putting.  He tends to be too poetic.  I find myself charmed while listening to him speak, but looking back dispassionately I’m not sure he really said anything of substance.  I like the zombie and OS metaphors.  But what is the meaning of “Human beings are financially leveraged”,  “Take up people’s vocal mechanisms”, and the entire poem he reads to the crowd?  I like David Brooks from the NYT too, but I think he’s too poetic as well, especially when compared with his colleague Paul Krugman.  I just wish Mr. Rushkoff was a little less like Brooks and more like Krugman.  Incidentally, it’s interesting that this video also contains a clip of Glenn Beck orating a bit of his own poetry.  Is poetry destroying America?

    • fcr says:

      i think there’s nothing wrong with poetry, the problem is how to achieve or erradicate what, through poetry, it is presented, poetry is the ultimate level of clearness that lenguage can offer, and lenguage is just a tool,  some can use the poetry to say absolutely nothing and make it sound good, and some can achieve another level of clearness through poetry, like Bucky Fuller, maybe Rushkoff hasn’t achieve that level yet, but i don’t mind him trying, and Glen Beck, well, he can try all he wants, hes getting nowhere..

      • seanmchugh says:

        I’m trying to figure out if your response is satirical.  Is it?  I’ll assume it is not.  I was just teasing poetry in general, but serious with my criticism of Mr. Rushkoff.  But since you said it, I’m very intrigued; Can you give me a specific example where poetry gives “the ultimate level of clearness that language can offer” or where poetry achieves “another level of clearness?” 

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