6 Responses to “Nonuplets”

  1. princessalex says:

    So, now she’s going to out-media the Octomom.  Shall we call her Nonomom?

  2. Ashen Victor says:

    It will be a literally “Baby Boom”! 

  3. jaytkay says:

    yay fertility drugs and low chances of survival yay!

  4. Daemonworks says:

    I find it amusing that they fealt the need to mention that she had fertility treatment, as though there was some other way for a human to have a litter of that size.

  5. ozziechick says:

    There is no way this is true. Another news article gives the details that she found out she was carrying nine fetuses in January when she was four months pregnant. That means she’s eight months pregnant now, and the article claims she’s scheduled for a c-section on May 20. You don’t carry nonuplets to term, full stop. Google Nadya Suleman belly to see what a pregnancy with eight babies looks like at 30 weeks, and ponder the fact that this woman claims to be carrying nine at 36 weeks and counting.

    Hoax, hoax, hoax.

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