Media coverage of successfully Kickstarted projects sometimes makes it look like an easy source of funds for any old half-baked idea. Nope. [Buzzfeed]


    1.  I couldn’t – I got to around 20 or so and just had to stop.

      I wonder how many of them are projects that people have their hearts and souls invested in and had their egos kicked in, and how many of them are projects that are just failed get-rich-quick schemes.  The guys who are trying to self-fund poetry publications are the really depressing ones, while most of the rest of them just feel like folks who had an idea for a way to make some money at 3am and decided to stick it out there and see if they could get any nibbles.  (And then there’s the sheet-metal memorial to 9/11 in St. Louis?  WTF is that about?)

      1. I think (and hope) that these ones that look that way because of the ego involved — enough ego to look like ‘heart and soul’ went into it, but more than enough to think that experience, research, marketing and the proverbial 10,000 hours of work aren’t needed.

      2. I got to around 20 or so and just had to stop.

        Because you got so “involved” in the video for Houseboy?

    2. Stephen Fich,  gentle poet.  He finally made that Kickstarter page.  He checked it a hundred times a day, for a month.  Shrunk the browser window so only the number zero showed.  He hid it behind the tech support software on his PC’s desktop at work.  There was a zero behind everything he did for a while.  There may be a poem about it.

       I’m going to imagine  Mr. Fich happy.  Maybe he’s *not* alone, taking pictures of himself.  Somewhere in his field of flowers.

  1. #34 is my kind of project. “Give me money so I can pay hookers to dance around with the collection of guitars I bought with the money you gave me.”

    Edit: then I read #35, that one made #34 look discreet and tasteful.

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