Funny video series "Old Jews Telling Jokes" returns with all-new, even older elders telling even funnier jokes

Video director and wonderfully funny guy Eric Spiegelman tells Boing Boing,

The new season of Old Jews Telling Jokes begins today, featuring jokes we recorded in Boca Raton. We've been on hiatus for almost a year, and it's good to be back. The joke that begins our season, about a bull and an enema and a bridgekeeper, is one of the best I've heard. Also, a bit of trivia. We have a new logo for the show, and it was designed by Milton Glaser. I'm not going to lie, I feel like that's a pretty great honor.

Embedded above: I've selected a joke from the new season told by Irving ‘Brownie’ Brown, a gentleman who is 102 years old. Below, the bull enema joke, as told by Charlie Seibel.


  1. In case you decided not to bother, the bull joke is worth sitting through the Chevy ad….

  2. I heard Buddy Hacket tell a great joke about two old Jewish hypochondriacs discussing herpes.  It ends like this:

    -From what I reading here, Moshi, you’ve got nothing to worry about.
    -Why? Why is that, Saul? 
    -Well, Moshi,  it says right here, herpes is a disease of the Gentiles.

  3. Thanks, humor good medicine. And with Xeni’s infectious positivity along with these clever jokers we’ll all be around and able to tell our own stories. Tell me a good zinger future Xeni ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  4. Oh that’s wonderful. Reminds me of my grandmother who delighted in telling us all slightly risque’ jokes. Being the matron of the family she could get away with it.

  5. First: “Old Jews Telling Jokes”
    Then: “Older Jews Telling Funnier Jokes”
    Next: “Dead Jews who absolutely bring the house down.

  6. See, people used to have to entertain each other in person.  Compare: captioned pictures of cats.  I aspire to be one of these cranky old dudes who makes everyone roll their eyes at family gatherings.

  7. Did you know the Jewish population and the Native American population are functionally equivalent in the United States? Random “The More You Know….”

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