Lego wigs

I love the Lego wigs used in this Elroy Klee campaign for Mindplay. They've got the perfect mix of impracticality and strikingness to qualify as gen-you-wine coo-choore.

Mindplay: bricks on me (via Geekologie)

(Photo: Niki Kits-Polman & Ebo Fraterman)


    1. Only if she promises to add minifigs of all of us who wish her well to it.  Of course it might end up being to heavy to wear at that point…

  1. “gen-you-wine coo-choore”

    Someone is clearly not a fan of high street fashion…

  2. I play with Legos all of the time with my 5 year old and it never occurred to me to venture into wig making. Inspirational. 

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