Adam "MCA" Yauch, RIP


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  1. nvlady says:

    The creators always die so young. Too much creativity to last a ‘normal’ long  life, I guess.

  2. Genre Slur says:

    What a day, sigh. ugh. weep. sniff. Gahhh.

  3. Surprisingly, one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.  Cancer stinks.

  4. Timothy Krause says:

    So sad. :(

  5. franko says:

    gate, gate, para gate…
    he’ll be kickin’ down the bardo gate for sure.

  6. Beastie Boys/RUN-DMC Together 4-Ever was my first concert. Thanks for all the great music.

  7. workin says:

    As I Develop The Awakening Mind I Praise The Buddha As They Shine
    I Bow Before You As I Travel My Path To Join Your Ranks,
    I Make My Full Time Task
    For The Sake Of All Beings I Seek
    The Enlighted Mind That I Know I’ll Reap
    Respect To Shantideva And All The Others
    Who Brought Down The Darma For Sisters And Brothers
    I Give Thanks For This World As A Place To Learn
    And For This Human Body That I’m Glad To Have Earned

  8. andre paris says:

    he will be sadly missed, he was a great artist

  9. monkeygirl says:

    So sad. He was my favorite Beastie. sniff. :(

  10. autark says:

    when you say RIP, you mean Reincarnate Immediately Please, right?

    the sentiment ‘rest in peace’ means more to the grieving than it would have to him.

  11. Mister44 says:

    “No! Sleep! ‘Til heaven!”

  12. mariancisar says:

    Damn. Thanks, Dave, first I had heard it. Remember listening to BB with you and Truelove in a cramped, smoky room.

  13. Joined the ancestors.

    Dropped his body.

    Walked west.


  15. dunnright says:

    Oh man. 1st Junior Seau, and now MCA.

    Not a good week for some of my heroes…

  16. UnholyMoses says:

    I really don’t have the emotional strength to fight for my right to party.

    You’ll be missed, MCA. Truly.

  17. i_prefer_yeti says:

    That’s some fucking rough news right there. MCA’s work is permanently embedded in the happy parts of my brain.

  18. thehighandlow says:

    We, as a human race really need to start doing something about this cancer thing. Like kick its ass hard for taking so many loved ones from us. Xeni would certainly agree with me.

    This is a sad day. :(

  19. Preston Sturges says:

    It’s a shame too because he was really aging well, keeping it real and looking good.  I’m sure he would have been a big help to young talent. 

  20. Celebrity deaths never really affect me.  But I am actually super bummed out right now.  Gonna pour out some of my Brass Monkey in honor tonight.

    • dunnright says:

      Me too, but as you will see from my comment above, this is the second time this week that I’ve been holding back tears for a “celebrity”.

  21. Cowicide says:


  22. spatley says:

    Thank you MCA. Thank you for giving us the best there was, the best there is. Thank you for making the world a better place to live in, to rock in. And thank you especially for Paul’s Boutique.

  23. Aaron Swain says:

    That makes me so sad.

  24. Benjamin Terry says:

    I’m so glad I got to see them when I did.  Just after “In Sound From Way Out” they did a tour of half regular shows, half “Gala Events” where they asked you to dress up real nice.  Somehow, the Beastie Boys are the only reason I own a suit today.  The people of 1988 would never believe it, I tell you.

    Yeah… maybe I’ll kick on the fuzz and jam along to “Gratitude” on bass.  I really was looking forward to the Beastie Boys in their 70s.  It would have been hilarious and great.


  25. Crunt says:

    Yauch and Cancer. Something so positive and lovable against something so vile and destructive. The norms will wonder what all the fuss is about and observe that it’s just another dead rapper. It’s a good day to be sad.

  26. pox says:

    Wikipedia says he was 47, 48 in August.

  27. theSamLowry says:

    Unfortunately I never saw them live but the fact that happened is really one of the most awesome moments in music history. Great talent in MCA.

    • Mister44 says:

       Who was their DJ back then?  I know Biz Markey(sp) worked with them, the Dust Brothers, and Mix Master Mike.

      Licensed to Ill was awesome and I think between that and RunDMC introduced me to rap.

      Pauls Boutique is one of those one-in-a-lifetime albums that would be impossible to make today from a samples standpoint alone.

    • noah django says:

       He was fucking stage-diving at Soul Train!

  28. ray9x says:

    This Beasties megamix from mash-up pioneer Z-Trip is a fitting tribute to MCA and his crew. 28 minutes of lovely Beasties glory…

    I’ve been playing it all day:

  29. noah django says:

    pretty broken up over it at my household.  you are missed, Mr. Yauch

  30. jahshuwah says:

    like a lemon to a lime, a lime to a lemon…i’m supa-def-ill sittin up in heaven

  31. I only got to see The Beastie Boys twice but godDAMN if they weren’t a huge part of my life for many years. Important years.

    I knew all the words to “Paul Revere” before I knew how to roll a joint and before I got drunk for the first time. I didn’t find out what a “Brass Monkey” was for years, but I knew I wanted one the first time I heard it. I wanted to be a part of that song. ALL their songs really.

    I wanted to be that hard and that funny and that clever. I wanted to be able to rhyme and drink and fuck and tell the world all about it like they did. I’d rewind their tapes over and over to learn certain lines and be able to rap along with their shit.

    MCA was always my guy. He seemed like the “me” of the group. A little older, a little wiser, and clever, but somewhat reserved. It wasn’t until “Ill Communication” came out that I really drew that line from me to him, but he was always my guy. The Beastie I wanted to hear the most in every song, and the one who seemed to be a little distant, but also on point with all I wanted to say, wished I could say, and simply… agreed with. Stylistically he came hard, but his message was always softer than the delivery. He was a FUCKING HERO.

    He lived an amazing life, and though he died far too young, his empire, his legacy, and his words will live on forever. He killed it. He was a game changer and he used his powers for good.

    I’m sad MCA is gone, but I am ecstatic he lived long enough to affect so much good in the world. I think he knew it too, but was too humble to ever recognize it. He was a champion and an icon and FUCK I’m sad he’s gone.

    Adam was a Buddhist, and if he believed in the cycle of reincarnation, I hope he’s on his way back to this earth in the form of something beautiful.

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