Unfortunate fake water reflection in newspaper photo

Someone in the art department at the Pittsburgh Tribune is either dense or clever. (Via Photoshop Disasters)


  1. Pack the Immodium, folks!
    I’m not going with clever on this one, check out how freakishly long her right forearm is compared to her left one.

    1.  I haven’t read that novel, but I can already tell you that I prefer the typo version.

  2. Speaking as a former paginator/comp person, it might not even be anyone at the Trib.  If they’re like a lot of newspapers around the country, the person responsible for the art might be in India, and they probably won’t pony up for someone with good English skills.

    Or someone was just stupid about it.

    1. This sounds entirely probable. And, it was probably done on a “we need it 15 minutes ago” basis at some graphics sweatshop. The telltale is that they didn’t even have time to add transparency to the reflection. That might have helped.

      A lot of these kinds of “features” are actually syndicated filler, and not produced by the particular newspaper.

    2.  you do know that English is an official, widely spoken, language in India, right?

      1. But a person with better English skills can often get a better job than this.

  3. That rag is owned by notorious wingnut loony Richard Mellon Scaife, who brings dishonor to both the Mellons and Scaifes. 

  4. That’s an amazing optical illusion.

    If you stare at the photo for several minutes you’ll suddenly notice large pink lettering off to the right side!

  5. The fact that the Photoshop Disasters website is still up and running after being sold by the original owner to someone with no sense of humor (who is also semi-illiterate),  is a testimony to how many really bad comp jobs there are out there, and how funny some are without the original witty content that made the site such a treat.  It’s now something akin to PSD porn:  just look at the pictures, but don’t expect any added content.  Some things are so bad, they can’t be ruined.

    1. I used to check it out regularly. And then it just stopped being funny one day. And then I saw the announcement that it had been sold. How do you sell something like that? It’s like Kathy Griffin selling her name to Joe the Plumber and now he comes onstage in a red wig and tells jokes about ‘his gays’.

      1. It’s like Kathy Griffin selling her name to Joe the Plumber and now he comes onstage in a red wig and tells jokes about ‘his gays’.

        It’s like that, only far less hilarious.

  6.  The rule of thumb I lived and cringed by when I was in newspapers was the bigger the type, the less likely you were to spot the error. That’s how I once put an earthquake in the wrong state: 48-point type, couldn’t see the problem. Besides, Oregon fit better than California.

  7. Only a potential problem if it’s reeeeeally small, not an obvious problem in its intended print format, which is probably why they didn’t notice it.

  8. Very old joke:
    “Why do they have those ruts on the sides of the roads in (insert geographic object of derision here) ? – So their knuckles don’t drag on the ground.”
    My guess about ErnestPayne’s comment is that the vast majority of media consumers (I would say almost anywhere, not just America) are so saturated with imagery that something like this is rarely noticed. This does not imply a general culture of inattention, just sensory overload.

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