US doxes Bin Laden (always use encryption, kids)


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  1. nosehat says:

    Or he did encrypt them, but there’s a secret back door in the scheme he used.  Either way, they’d say “Fancy that.  He didn’t encrypt them.”

  2. meme filter says:

    The CIA trained this guy?   They’re not half as sharp as the movies they pay for make them out to be.

    • trent1492 says:

       No they did not train this guy. That is a myth.

    • SedanChair says:

      Well he did manage to use a single strike to drag us in to interminably escalating war and occupation, turning us against one another in a police state without end and accomplishing his every objective.

      On the whole, I’d say he was paying attention in class.

      • Tynam says:

         Well… on the one hand, bin Laden won completely on every possible level, accomplishing more than his wildest dreams.

        On the other hand, that’s not because he was smart.  It was because we’re stupid, and he knew it.  With essentially every politician and senior official in the US or UK helping him, he’d have had to be *really* inept to lose.

  3. kjh says:

    17 out of 6000?  17 per year?  At that rate they’ll all be released by, lets see, about 350 years.

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