Safety pin with 4GB flash storage

201205071311Concept for a much-needed safety pin with flash storage. The preliminary sketches are interesting.

Pin your data close to your heart with the Bulavkus USB flash drive


  1. Wow. The lowly safety pin has sure come a long way from shocking London punk rock anti-fashion statement to sleek, high-end conceptual computer accessory. I don’t know if it’s necessarily an advancement in re-purposing

    1. “Have you heard our new single?”
      Nah do you have it?
      “yeah it’s on the tip of my tongue” 

  2. I think it would work better as a earring or piercing in an other area. I can just image how often one would go through the wash attached to shirt. My Swiss Army flash drive/knife/scissors/light/etc on my keyring has definitely come in handy over the years.

    1. Cool . . . a USB 3.0 belly-button stud so you are never without high-speed data transfer . . . 

  3. Hmmm, this article is posted just below an article about MAKE magazine…

    Hammer, let me introduce you to Tong.  Tong, meet Hammer…

  4. I think this is a very clever idea. It reminds me of a simple concept my own book company was exploring just before the economic melt-down. I had devised a simple ribbon bookmark with a mini-flash drive on the end like a cell phone charm that would be glued into the spine of the book. The idea was that this relatively unobtrusive device could be added to college textbooks pre-loaded with advertising widgets, videos, and digital coupons (and, of course, some practical storage space, digital study aids, and maybe digital editions) that would be used to defray the cost of the book and make it more affordable to students. This was a cheaper alternative to re-binding to insert ad sheets and minimized loss of used book value–though I was particularly enamored of the prospect of coercing Hustler to put ads in theology textbooks… Alas, America is a nation where you can’t give a good idea away–especially at a time when the suits were cowering under their desks waiting for the sky to fall.  

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