Shocking new photos from BP disaster unearthed by Greenpeace


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  1. swankgd says:

    What’s the “shocking” part of these photos? Upsetting and tragic perhaps, but who exactly is “shocked” to learn that animals in the gulf got covered in oil?

  2. Ramone says:

    Why do FOIA requests take YEARS to process? Does BP have some ability to appeal requests?

  3. Guest says:

     BP walks on water. Well, floats really. Unless you Corexit!

  4. BBNinja says:

    I don’t know if I’d call a massive, negligent oil spill causing some turtles to turn up dead and covered with oil shocking.  I think the word is “expected”.

  5. octolover says:

    oh, those poor babies.  :(  gonna hug my tortoise when i get home from work.

    need a unicorn chaser:

  6. rickscarf says:

    Going to hell for this, but that picture sure looks like a turtle slathered in a yummy steakhouse marinade

  7. Bob dobbs says:

    I’m not saying there isn’t an ass load of oil in the gulf still, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that Green Peace brought their own oil to get these photos.

    • 10xor01 says:

      And I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that you’re shilling for the oil industry.

      • Tynam says:

        It’s not even a plausible shill.  Seriously?  In the middle of the biggest oil disaster ever, you think they couldn’t find real endangered wildlife to photo?  Bet they had trouble finding water with oil on it too.

  8. Marlaina Read says:

    Have been reading lately also that there was a third leaking well not shown to public which BP even tried to keep secret from government. The third one is worse than the one highly publicised as “capped”, as the capped one was actually abandoned and not the source of the spill.. A lot of this came out of the BP hearing in March, including that they are using a highly toxic dispersant to clean up the oil as is leaks even today, despite the EPA and BP having access to less toxic ones, evidently there is some trade agreement with that dispersal company.

  9. Marlaina Read says:

    There is a round-up here of the research of the Gulf Rescue Alliance and their submission to congress, unsure of the veracity of all the facts, but it makes for interesting reading

  10. Thebes says:

    It wasn’t just BP and their contractors who worked to cover up the extent of the distaster.
    It was also the Obama administration.
    Incidentally, Obama was BP’s #1 campaign recipient in the 2008 (s)election cycle.
    Guess they really know how to invest…

  11. realityhater says:

    BP will never see another dime of my money , I refuse to be a patron at their overpriced gas stations ( funny how they are the most expensive station here in FLA.  There are too many reports of fish and shrimp not developing properly, there are still crews of workers combing beaches picking up tar balls. This company singlehandedly destroyed the coastline and no punishment,hmmmmmmm!

     what is the tipping  point of campaign contribution to become immune to prosecution ?

    • teapot says:

      I too have avoided their wares since the BP disaster. I recommend everyone else does as well. These fuckers only understand $$$.

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