Eric Sloane's Weather Book


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  1. Tim Hodges says:

    Eric Sloane is a very great American illustrator. “A Reverence For Wood” is one of my favorites filled with illustrations of early barns, wood tools, etc.

    He is a painter of ‘skyscapes’. Great huge paintings of clouds and weather. He also painted the outside of planes for people like Wiley Post and Amelia Earhart.

  2. Zan Cantwell says:

    A Reverence for Wood and Diary of an Early American Boy were two of my most treasured books when I was young

  3. bigdig says:

    Second the above recommendations, and “A Museum of Early American Tools” is also great.

  4. zuludaddy says:

    He also had a book on tools no longer in common use. Forgetting the name. [edit: Thanks, bigdig...]

    There’s a similar book, similarly illustrated, different author, called  Look In The Sky And Know The Weather.

  5. Jonathan Maziarz says:

    Eric Sloane was Tufte before Tufte! Brilliant simplifications of complex meteorological concepts

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