Eric Sloane's Weather Book

By means of insightful hand-drawn diagrams, Eric Sloane gives the best explanation I’ve ever seen of how weather works. Originally created to help sailors 50 years ago, it works for pilots, outdoor explorers, and anyone else dependent on a change of weather.

-- KK

Eric Sloane's Weather Book
Eric Sloane
2005, 96 pages


 Sample Excerpts:







  1. Eric Sloane is a very great American illustrator. “A Reverence For Wood” is one of my favorites filled with illustrations of early barns, wood tools, etc.

    He is a painter of ‘skyscapes’. Great huge paintings of clouds and weather. He also painted the outside of planes for people like Wiley Post and Amelia Earhart.

  2. Second the above recommendations, and “A Museum of Early American Tools” is also great.

  3. He also had a book on tools no longer in common use. Forgetting the name. [edit: Thanks, bigdig…]

    There’s a similar book, similarly illustrated, different author, called  Look In The Sky And Know The Weather.

  4. Eric Sloane was Tufte before Tufte! Brilliant simplifications of complex meteorological concepts

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