TV weatherman uses his green lawn as a green screen

A clever meteorologist in Austin was able to give the weather report from his backyard, because his lawn is so lush that it doubles as a green screen! See the footage at CNN.

(Neatorama, Reddit)

screengrab via Reddit

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Watch lightning hit the Washington Monument

On Thursday night, punctuating the uprising against racial injustice, lightning struck the Washington Monument.

A separate lightning strike near the White House that evening severely injured two soldiers from the South Carolina Army National Guard.

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India and Bangladesh brace for Super Cyclone Amphan, strongest storm ever in Bay of Bengal

Super Cyclone Amphan became the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal on Monday night

#Amphan is expected to make landfall on Tuesday, May 20

•  Storm surge of up to 15 feet on anticipated landfall in West Bengal forecast Wednesday

In India and Bangladesh, millions of people are trapped in the path of an oncoming super cyclone that is expected to make landfall in under 36 hours. Read the rest

First day of spring in the northern hemisphere

It's March 19, the day when folks north of the equator can step out (of the toilet), take a deep breath (of 70-degree bone-dry forced air) and enjoy the flowering sight of the first day of spring (on a screen).

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Rare snow in Iraq turns Baghdad into winter wonderland

Snowfall in Baghdad, for the second time in a decade.

What a strange sight. Read the rest

Winds blowing waterfalls upwards in the Faroe Islands

Enjoy this footage of hurricane force winds blasting waterfalls skyward in the Faroe Islands. It was recorded Sept 14th, 2019, by Marko Korosec.

A powerful North Atlantic windstorm that delivers violent hurricane-force winds and major waves, smashing the huge cliffs on the Faroe Islands. Winds are so intense, waterfall and going in the opposite direction - upwards!

The vertical waterfalls are seen from 1:20 in. Read the rest

When the road gets icy, you know what you must do

Salt, bae. Read the rest

Australia just had hottest day in recorded history

104º F/40.9º C average across country

Venice is flooded right now and it looks miserable

Rising tides and rain in Venice are flooding the city, and hotels are giving guests knee-high rubber boots so they can slosh their way from one tourist attraction to another.

From Yahoo News:

The high water, known locally as “acqua alta”, was amusing for tourists and a nuisance for residents going about their business, but levels were far lower than the 1.94 meters (6ft 4in) in the devastating November 1966 flood.

But even lower levels of the salty high water over the years take their toll on the city, eroding foundations of homes, businesses and city buildings.

Bad weather is continuing to dog Italy, with no real let-up forecast for several days.

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VIDEO: Hurricane destruction, one century in one minute

This video visualizes a century of tropical storm destruction in one minute. Read the rest

A cloud weighs as much as 300 cars so why doesn't it fall on our heads?

This fascinating video from the American Chemical Society answers that question but unfortunately provides no answers about why so many clouds look like bunnies.

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Hurricane Dorian hits Charleston

And this dude finally got his moment. Read the rest

Hurricane Dorian: satellite images show Grand Bahama mostly underwater

Satellite monitoring company ICEYE composed this image, based upon satellite shots of the storm-drenched Bahamas, which shows how much of Grand Bahama went underwater as Hurricane Dorian arrived. Read the rest

The Picture of Dorian Spray: Category 4 feared for hurricane approaching Florida

CBS News reports that Hurricane Dorian has become more alarming overnight and may grow to Category 4, making it "very dangerous" to the Miami-area coastline it's headed toward.

There's a good chance Dorian will power its way into a Category 4 with potentially catastrophic 140 mph winds before making landfall on the mainland U.S., the center added, according to CBS News weather producer David Parkinson.

He said Dorian would probably make landfall early Monday evening at the earliest and Tuesday morning at the latest, probably over the central Florida Atlantic coast though possibly farther south.

Florida residents rushed to supermarkets across the state to buy food and supplies.

CNN is now predicting a "monster."

"If you're anywhere on that east coast of Florida, you want to have food, water, medicine for up to seven days," Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday. Dorian warrants a multibillion dollar price tag, FEMA associate administrator Jeffrey Byard told reporters Thursday.

"This is going to be a big storm. We're prepared for a big response," he said.

Since Dorian had minimal impact on Puerto Rico, the agency is shifting staff from the island to Florida in preparation.

Illustration: CNN. Headline: Heather Beschizza Read the rest

Florida woman says her toilet exploded after a lightning strike

Talk about a shitstorm. In Florida, a Port Charlotte woman said that lightning destroyed her septic tank, and made the toilet in her house explode. Read the rest

Nebraska Weather Service commemorates climate emergency by baking biscuits inside a hot car

Ten years ago, we showed you a method for baking cookies on your car dashboard on hot days while you're at work, filling your car with delicious baking smells and a tray of warm cookies for the commute home. Read the rest

Help climate scientists by transcribing weather data from old ships' logs

The Old Weather project is a crowdsourced effort to gather data on historic climate patterns by transcribing entries from old, logbooks, some typed and some handwritten. The project is jointly run by NOAA and the Smithsonian. (via Kottke) Read the rest

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