Cascade of 60,000 dominoes

[Video Link] From Neatorama: "FlippyCat assembled 60 walls, each consisting of 990 dominoes, and an additional field of 600 dominoes. The project took 65 hours over 8 days and some painful failures along the way. But when he finally pushed it over at 0:55, he made a beautiful cascade of color and sound."


  1. Then after he knocked them down he heard, “Ok, we’re ready to record.”

  2. Pussy, a real domino nerd would have built those walls without the clear dividers between walls and made sure they didn’t fall and preemptively topple all the work so far.

  3. This person is a certain kind of crazy.  Just a few of those failures would have made me want to scream.

    But the glory is in the result.  I applaud the insanity.

  4. Anyone else notice his shirt changing to the same colour of the dominoes in the wall he’s building?

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