Clever video: Watch cats knocking down dominoes to get some food

If I lived in Japan, I'd totally buy whatever cat food is being shilled in this (surprisingly suspenseful) "Cats and Domino" video. Bravo to the folks behind it!

screengrab via Cat Navi Desk/YouTube

Thanks, Julie! Read the rest

Watch this complex marble run synchronized with Tchaikovsky

DoodleChaos combines wood blocks, dominoes, marbles made of metal and other materials, and magnets to create a delightful marble run set to Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers. Read the rest

Watch this amazing display of domino topping expertise

Every Hevesh5 creation is a delight, but this compilation of some of the best recent moments from the domino toppling channel is concentrated delight of the highest order. Read the rest

Watch a quarter million dominoes fall in this delightful game-themed setup

Steve Price and Lily Hevesh set up a massive domino course that includes homages to classic board and video games, and some sections even use game pieces as part of the action. Read the rest

Watch wireless dominoes topple without touching each other

Eser Dominoes are an interesting proof of concept that won a juried award at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival. Read the rest

Watch 4,200 dominoes fall in glorious 360 degrees

How can watching dominoes fall be more delightful? How about if it's filmed in 360 degrees? This ingenious circular tower by FlippyCat makes great use of the fancy camera. Read the rest

Tipping point example

What i think of when someone says starcraft balance

“The name given to that one dramatic moment ... when everything can change all at once is the tipping point.” -- The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell Read the rest

Gorgeous triple spiral of 15K dominoes comes tumbling down

Professional domino artist Hevesh5 does a lot of great domino builds, but this colorful triple spiral is both beautiful and relaxing to watch. Read the rest

Watch a giant domino tower fall after 7 hours of building with 3,242 dominoes

Epic fail.

What is described as “America’s largest domino tower” collapses on camera, after 7 straight hours of building. Read the rest

275,000 dominoes, falling

Germany's Sinners Domino Entertainment created this Guinness World Record domino fall of 275,000 tiles. Read the rest

Cascade of 60,000 dominoes

[Video Link] From Neatorama: "FlippyCat assembled 60 walls, each consisting of 990 dominoes, and an additional field of 600 dominoes. The project took 65 hours over 8 days and some painful failures along the way. But when he finally pushed it over at 0:55, he made a beautiful cascade of color and sound." Read the rest