Paranoid, claustrophobic short film: The View From the Closet

Tomek sends us his claustrophobic short film "The View From the Closet" ("A disturbed, paranoid individual enters his apartment to find himself being watched by something hiding in the closet"), which is an official selection at Los Angeles Short Film Festival.

View From The Closet is now online (Thanks, Tomek!)


    1. It really depends on where and how you watch it. If you do it in a sunny day in the park, it’s not gonna work. But if you do it in a dark room it can be a really cool experience.

      I’m aware of the problem, but there’s not much I can do. It was shot for cinematic screening and it would work perfect at the cinema. Internet is problematic, especially for a film like this. Everyone watches on different screens and in different environments. Fortunately for most people it works just okay.

      Thanks for watching anyway!

      1. Yes, that’s true.  A small window on a computer monitor in a bright office is probably not the best viewing area.  I did however enjoy the film.  It had a nice creepy paranoid feel.  Good luck with everything !

  1. Excellent!  It felt like a cross between The Platform and The French Doors, two of my favourite short films.

  2. What impressed me was tracking shots on a creaky wooden floor-  ingenious dolly/steadicam work or postproduction sound?

    1. Spoiler alert! To encode the message got to and paste it. But please, don’t do it before you watch the film.

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