Plagiarism doesn't work


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  1. simonbarsinister says:

    What’s with the new set of names for punctuation I’ve been seeing lately? It looks to me like the “via” is what we’ve always called the ’tilde’. Just this morning I was watching the ‘HAK5′  podcast and the speaker kept saying ‘tack’ instead of ‘dash’.

    • The curator’s code is an attempt to solidify an informal social norm (vias and hat tips) so that it becomes a matter of propriety. 

      The problem it that it turns minor achievements (such as being first to aggregate someone else’s work) into “dibs” — a form of cultural capital that others are expected to credit.

      I love the honor system for vias and hat tips, but formalizing it just makes it very easy to game and creates an incentive to avoid ethical aggregation techniques (quotes, blockquotes, named attribution) in favor of these easily-gamed little icons. 

      In this case, though, I think it’s just a traditional tilde mark, not intended to show which of the links in the text is to the original post.

  2. Josh Larios says:

    I don’t think that’s a “via symbol” in the linked screenshot. It’s a tilde, used to indicate an approximation (because the mathematical symbol for approximation, ≈, is harder to type). The plagiarizer here has used it to replace “roughly” in the original. That’s just what the tilde looks like in that font.

    I’d never heard of a “via symbol” before. Turns out it’s from, which defines ᔥ as “via”, for direct discovery, and ↬ as “hat tip”, for indirect discovery. ~ remains “tilde” for “hey, this looks kind of like a fancy dash” or “I mean approximately, but don’t want to look up the unicode for that”.

  3. JeffreyMartin360Cities says:

    this is one of those tempests in a teapot which could have been resolved in 2 minutes with an “oh sorry” and a correction but instead got flared up into this shitstorm.

  4. Xof says:

    It’s good to see that the New Web is honoring the standard Way New Media ethical guideline of what to do when one of your writers commits plagiarism, which is, “Deny everything, come up with a new definition of ‘plagiarism’ that is carefully drawn to exclude what you did, throw a temper tantrum, and threaten never to link to the aggrieved party again.” 

  5. Funk Daddy says:

    That’s some weak sauce.

    I will admit I do not understand plagiarism, not even a little bit. How does is not make the “writer” feel bad and scared from that point onward?

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