Reflections on the acquittal of Byron Sonne


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  1. Jesse Krembs says:

    unencrypt doh! decrypt

  2. mccrum says:

    Well, the Government sure taught him a lesson!

  3. Sorry! I wasn’t sure. But in the end, I blame the copy editor. 

  4. Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston says:

    Haha of COURSE he hangs out in Kensington market. Let me expand the following quote:

    “Sonne stood having a cigarette and discussing Anonymous and Gandhi with Alex Hundert [and also a marxist-anarchist puppeteer, a former Guatemalan capitalist television personality, two vegan assistant stage directors, a baptist reggae saxophonist who spearheaded a flower-planter creating initiative, the editors of the underground Zine "Pfffoosz", three dubstep djs, and fourteen "new media creatives" who were there to sample the latest sandwich bar (charred octopus with arugula pesto!)]“. 

  5. Dead Addict says:

    I’m disappointing he’s in a rush to get his CISSP reinstated.  His certification was revoked the moment he was accused of a crime – does he really want to be associated with that organization; does he want to pay their dues and financially support them?  

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      Because no matter how good you actually are, sometimes the bean counters demand a sticky gold star to prove it.

  6. Ultan says:

    Will this get him back his rich coward of a wife who dumped him when he was down?
    From The Globe and Mail

    Sonne, the judge said, felt “very strongly” about his wife. “I do not believe he would have done anything to risk injury to her or worse,” [ Ontario Superior Court Justice Nancy] Spies said.

    The couple has since split up, something Mr. Sonne noted poignantly after the verdict.

    “It would be nice to walk out of the courthouse into her arms, but that’s just not going to happen.”

    Mr. Sonne has been living with his parents, who regularly attended the proceedings, as did several supporters who considered him a political prisoner.

    Will Byron sue the internet trolls like “Dr. Jones” of who called him things such as : “anarcho-terrorist”, “agitator”, “anarchist”, bail violator (just for trying to make peace with this troll), and a  man who has: “taken an oath of ethics and violated it by trying to bring destruction to critical infrastructure”. This loathsome “Dr. Jones” even tried to get Byron’s computer security certification revoked in order to destroy his livelihood. No need to paste in the pages and pages of scurrilous, malicious, libelous lies, but Byron has yet to be made whole.

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      I refuse to cast dispersions on his former wife.  Having not been in her shoes, we are woefully unable to actually understand her motivations and reasons.  Because you think she should have, could have, might have etc a various number of things does not mean she never considered them.  She made a decision that she felt needed to be made.  Byron and her will need to work these things out in their own time.

      Prove me wrong and show me a giant tell all she posted somewhere where she comes off as an unsympathetic bitch, but to armchair quarterback her decisions in the face of what the Government was doing, saying, causing from the safety of behind a screen… not good.  I am unaware of anything like this so inform me or take a step back and consider that not everyone reacts in the moment the way you think you would react reading about it on the internet afterwards.

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