Lego marijuana art show


6 Responses to “Lego marijuana art show”

  1. And the “moral” is:  don’t do drugs, but blocks.

    • “Butt blocks? What did you just call me?”

      “Don’t do drugs, you big BUTT BLOCKS!”

      But yeah seriously I’d like to see some sleepy little smoking minifigs.

      • Bryan McLean says:

        Check out, they have a “botany” enthusiast minifig complete with lego bong.

  2. SoItBegins says:

    You know, that’s just what my Lego city needs: A Leg-rowop.

  3. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Hey Dude, why does this joint smell like burning plastic?

  4. Cynical says:

    Personally, I’m disgusted by the lack of representation. Three photos, and not a single male plant in sight. Misandry at its finest.

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