Tracking the arrest and harassment of journalists at US protests

Josh Stearns has an update on police harassment, detention, and arrest incidents involving journalists at protests this weekend. He says, "I have been tracking, confirming and verifying reports of journalist arrests at Occupy protests all over the country since September. Help me by sending tips and tweets to @jcstearns and tagging reports of press suppression and arrests with #journarrest." According to his tracking, 85 journalists have been arrested in 13 cities while covering Occupy-related protests.


  1. This is a worrisome trend indeed; forget about an “informed public”.   here’s the reply-by-way-of-excuse that i’ve personally heard [paraphrased]:   “meh, what’s a ‘journalist’ (anymore)? see that kid over there spitting on the police-line? he says he’s a journalist …blogger”

    Someone should at least be selling fedoras with a bright “PRESS” ticket stuffed in the hat-band to all these ‘journalists’  -sigh-

    1. you know – someone should take that idea and run with it. 100 or so people showing up with fedoras and press tickets in their brim and live blogging/tweating it might make an impact. Or the image of a 100 or so people self in fedoras with press tickets in their brims being beaten might make a nice illustration of what many here already know.

      1.  agreed.  with the caveat that these ‘press’ folk cannot actively take part in the protest.  that’s the last critical distinction.   it’s when that line is crossed, or even -said- to have been crossed that provides (often faux) justification to the other-end-of-the-baton to treat everyone as a target.

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