Tracking the arrest and harassment of journalists at US protests


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  1. theophrastvs says:

    This is a worrisome trend indeed; forget about an “informed public”.   here’s the reply-by-way-of-excuse that i’ve personally heard [paraphrased]:   “meh, what’s a ‘journalist’ (anymore)? see that kid over there spitting on the police-line? he says he’s a journalist …blogger”

    Someone should at least be selling fedoras with a bright “PRESS” ticket stuffed in the hat-band to all these ‘journalists’  -sigh-

    • Tribune says:

      you know – someone should take that idea and run with it. 100 or so people showing up with fedoras and press tickets in their brim and live blogging/tweating it might make an impact. Or the image of a 100 or so people self in fedoras with press tickets in their brims being beaten might make a nice illustration of what many here already know.

      • theophrastvs says:

         agreed.  with the caveat that these ‘press’ folk cannot actively take part in the protest.  that’s the last critical distinction.   it’s when that line is crossed, or even -said- to have been crossed that provides (often faux) justification to the other-end-of-the-baton to treat everyone as a target.

  2. Gekko_Gecko says:

    America, Land of the Free. Liberty and Justice for All.

    Horray for the USA!

  3. emo hex says:

    Camera on a stick, my idea long ago.

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