A child's to-do list

A dad says: "My son has a long to do list today!"


  1. Turns out the guy who posted it got it from somewhere else: http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/ty9xy/my_son_has_a_long_to_do_list_today/c4qvb62

    1.  I was handily beaten by Lobes and ChurchHatesTucker to the comment I was going to make.

      I’m at that stage of the day, too, buddy.  Me too.

  2. I try to get in the essentials on that list, but somehow, life these days seems more complicated.
    I recommend the following additions:
    * Pat a cat
    * Drink at east one good cup of tea.

  3. I do most of those things most days. Children have life’s little essentials sussed, don’t they?

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