Fun gallery of "double take" photos

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Bits & Pieces has a fun collection of "double take" photos. Each one caused a fun moment of "huh?" in my mind, until reality snapped into place.


  1. These are great, but they missed the best double take photo. 

    1. The girl in the center looks like she has her legs inappropriately spread.

      Now: what’s the scoop with the one with the guitar? I can’t see anything strange there.

  2.  The jeans belong to the guy and the bare legs belong to the girl.  Took me awhile on that one.

    I didn’t see the flag/beach one, and I don’t understand where the third leg comes from at the top of this post.

    1.  Yeah, that 3 legs one shown above is a good’un.   I got it eventually, and then came back later and couldn’t figure it out again.    It works so well because you instantly assume the middle leg is the one that isn’t real and then stare relentlessly at it, trying to uncover its secret.

      1. WOW.  Never even crossed my mind that the leg on the left was the one I should be staring out.  I was focused on the other two.  That’s good.

  3. I needed a laugh this morning.  These are fantastic and hilarious.
    At first I had these confused with bad photo-shopped pictures and then I realized there’s no trickery here.

  4. Most of these are wonderful, but I’m afraid, as tired as this saying is, the one of the kid on the beach is definitely a shop. I can tell from some (all) of the pixels around the kid (and from having seen quite a few shops in my life).

    I mean, that’s some terrible clone tool right there.

    I love the rest, though. The flying carpet is a classic.

  5. A lot of these are great, but I’m not sure if I get what’s weird about the one with the girl taking a photo in the mirror while her friend applies makeup…is it just that the blonde girl’s shoulder looks kind of like it could be the butt of the girl in the background facing the wall? That one didn’t really fool my brain…

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